CDR Distributes "My Phone is My Rifle" Stickers to Cyber Fighters in Havana

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Felix Ortiz

CDR Distributes "My Phone is My Rifle" Stickers to Cyber Fighters in Havana
CDR Sticker - Image © Facebook/Provincial Directorate of CDR Havana

A sticker bearing the inscription "My Phone is My Rifle" has been created by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) to be gifted to their "cyber fighters" in Havana. The Provincial Directorate of the CDR in the nation's capital announced on Facebook that one of these stickers was bestowed by the first Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), Liván Izquierdo, to the Provincial Coordinator of the CDR in Havana, Eliades Rodríguez. They highlighted that this represents an "example of a young fighter both in reality and virtually."

Eliades Rodríguez Martínez acknowledged "the gesture" and stated, "You cannot be a revolutionary halfway!" He called on the "true fighters of the Cuban Revolution" to prove their loyalty "in both the real and virtual worlds."

Several Cubans have reacted to the post, criticizing the so-called regime’s “cyberclarias” who hide behind fake profiles on social media to discredit activists, opposition members, independent press, and threaten those who criticize the situation on the island. "It's not enough for them to indoctrinate and censor ideologically through radio and television. Now they want to take over the internet as well. Sorry, but on the internet, their lies come to an end," commented one woman.

In 2022, the social network Facebook shut down several accounts managed by the Cuban State Security that were dedicated to spreading slander against activists, opposition members, independent journalists, artists, and citizens critical of the Havana regime. The profile of "Razones de Cuba," a controversial government program aimed at compiling "dossiers" against government critics, was closed, as were the accounts of Guerrero Cubano (with a similar objective), La mala palabra, Cuba no es Miami, and Karlito Marx Jeune, among others.

Understanding the CDR's Role and Cyber Combatants in Cuba

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand the context and implications of the CDR's recent actions in Havana.

What is the significance of the "My Phone is My Rifle" sticker?

The sticker symbolizes the regime's endorsement of cyber surveillance and propaganda, encouraging its supporters to engage in online activities to defend the government's image and counteract dissent.

Who are the "cyber fighters" referred to by the CDR?

The "cyber fighters" are individuals who use social media and other online platforms to support the Cuban government, often by discrediting critics and spreading state-approved narratives.

How have Cubans reacted to this initiative by the CDR?

Many Cubans have criticized the initiative, viewing it as an attempt by the government to extend its control and censorship to the internet, further limiting free speech and dissent.

What actions has Facebook taken against Cuban State Security accounts?

In 2022, Facebook shut down several accounts managed by Cuban State Security that were dedicated to spreading false information and slandering critics of the government.

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