Truck Drivers Needed in Spain

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by James Rodriguez

Truck Drivers Needed in Spain
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Spain is actively seeking solutions to address the shortage of road freight transport personnel, an issue impacting the entire European Union and worsening each year. The Spanish Ministries of Transport, Social Security, and Interior are collaborating to facilitate the hiring of individuals from non-European countries who are willing to work as professional truck drivers in the Iberian nation, provided they have a valid driving license.

This initiative could be particularly beneficial for Cubans who hold Spanish citizenship. Eligible individuals may access employment opportunities even without the Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP), a typically required certification in Spain that complicates the hiring process, according to industry complaints.

The International Road Transport Association (ASTIC) advocates for hiring individuals from other European Union countries or from Africa or Latin America. The news portal La Información reports that the sector has welcomed the government’s previous measure of granting a two-year residence and work permit to those who complete the CAP.

“According to ASTIC, this policy is aiding Spanish transport companies in hiring drivers from countries such as Morocco, Peru, Cuba, or Argentina,” the report highlights.

In March, Spain released the Catalogue of Hard-to-Fill Occupations for the first quarter of this year, listing categories in which companies can bring in foreign workers. The catalog enumerates particularly hard-to-fill job positions through which applicants can obtain a residence and work permit in Spain.

Interestingly, the list does not include truck driver positions; however, it does feature other roles such as crane operators, athletes and coaches, and many related to maritime transport.

FAQs About Truck Driver Shortage in Spain

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the truck driver shortage in Spain and the measures being taken to address it.

Why is Spain experiencing a truck driver shortage?

Spain, like many countries in the European Union, is facing a shortage of truck drivers due to an aging workforce, unattractive working conditions, and increased demand for freight transport.

What is the CAP and why is it important?

The Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) is a certification required in Spain for professional drivers. It ensures that drivers meet specific professional standards and is necessary for obtaining a truck driving license.

How can foreign nationals apply for truck driving jobs in Spain?

Foreign nationals interested in truck driving jobs in Spain must have a valid driving license and may need to complete the CAP certification. They can apply through the Spanish Ministries of Transport, Social Security, and Interior, which facilitate the hiring process for non-European workers.

Which countries are Spanish companies hiring truck drivers from?

Spanish transport companies are hiring truck drivers from various countries, including Morocco, Peru, Cuba, and Argentina, due to the shortage of local personnel.

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