Nurse Injured After Ambulance Crashes into House in Camagüey

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Emily Vargas

Nurse Injured After Ambulance Crashes into House in Camagüey
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A healthcare professional was injured after an ambulance crashed into the wall of a house in the city of Camagüey, according to a social media report. The accident occurred on Independencia Street for reasons that have not been disclosed.

"The doctor with fractures in both legs," wrote Maikel Brown, an internet user who initially reported the incident in the Facebook group Accidentes Buses & Camiones. Later, an employee of SIUM from that area clarified that the injured woman was a nurse and that she did not suffer injuries to both legs but rather a fractured arm. Two images taken from different angles show that the vehicle crashed forcefully into the house, especially on the passenger side.

"RIP my ambulance," commented one of the drivers who apparently used to drive that vehicle, expressing his sorrow and stating he did not know what had happened. The same source indicated that the operated healthcare professional is recovering.

"One less," was a frequent comment from numerous internet users who noted that the crashed ambulance was new, with only a few months of use. "Technical defects should not be the cause, nor the poor condition of the road, a new vehicle that has not even reached 10,000 km, and already out of service"; "Where do they find or recruit ambulance drivers?"; "Unfortunately, we spend our time criticizing the State for ambulances but when we get them, we do not take care of them," were some comments focused on the material loss.

Others criticized that the main concern for many was the means of transportation rather than the health of its occupants at the time of the accident. "If it was the driver's fault, we still need to worry about him, not the vehicle. If the ambulance is wrecked, replace it with the purchase of a new patrol car or another vehicle," commented one user.

Some defended the ambulance drivers, arguing that it is a complicated job and that it is essential to understand what happened in this case. "Ambulance drivers are not just simple drivers; they are paramedics. They take courses every year and are approved for the job they perform. Besides being human beings, they spend 24 hours saving lives, so before you speak, please educate yourselves to understand what a comprehensive paramedic is, which is that driver who spends 24 hours saving lives," one user defended.

Previous Incidents and Ambulance Shortages in Cuba

This is not the first ambulance involved in an accident in recent months. In mid-April, an ambulance and a tourist car collided in Bayamo, in the Granma province. The shortage of ambulances in Cuba has been a long-standing issue.

In December 2023, the Cuban government announced the purchase of a batch of 99 ambulances worth four million dollars, aimed at strengthening emergency medical services across all provinces. According to the official press at the time, half of the ambulances purchased were second-hand, with a significant portion coming from the Chinese manufacturer Foton.

Understanding Ambulance Accidents in Cuba

Given the recent incidents involving ambulances in Cuba, many questions have arisen about the causes and responses to these accidents. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What caused the recent ambulance crash in Camagüey?

The exact cause of the ambulance crash in Camagüey has not been disclosed. Speculations include technical defects or driver error, but no official reason has been given.

How is the injured nurse from the Camagüey accident recovering?

The nurse who was injured in the Camagüey accident is recovering after undergoing surgery. She suffered a fractured arm, contrary to initial reports of leg fractures.

What measures is the Cuban government taking to address the ambulance shortage?

In December 2023, the Cuban government purchased 99 ambulances worth four million dollars to strengthen emergency medical services. However, many of these ambulances were second-hand, and the effectiveness of this measure remains to be seen.

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