"Despite the Difficult Journey, I Achieved What I Wanted Most": Oniel Bebeshito's Wife Shares Her First Days in Miami

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Alexander Flores

Just a few days after arriving in Miami with her eldest son, Rachel Arderi, wife of reggaeton artist Oniel Bebeshito, updated her followers on social media about how she has been settling into the City of the Sun and explained her brief hiatus from the platforms.

After mentioning that she had been busy with paperwork because "everyone in this country, especially newcomers, knows there's a lot to do," she shared her experiences over the past few days and revealed some health issues she had been dealing with.

"I developed a rash all over my body. Right now, I have my hair forward so it's not as noticeable. I'm completely unfiltered because I wanted you to see. I have a rash all over," she detailed in her video message. She also mentioned that she needed to repeat tests to see if she still had anemia and take good care of herself since she is already in her sixth month of pregnancy.

"Imagine going through all this effort to get to this country and then feeling so ill, with a high fever, unable to sleep, and very skinny," she added in her lengthy broadcast, where she also expressed gratitude for her mother's care.

Settling in Miami

Addressing the common question among her followers about how she arrived in the United States, she announced that she would discuss it more on a YouTube channel she plans to start, although she warned she wouldn't divulge private details.

While expressing gratitude for being with her parents and for the opportunity for her child to be born in the U.S., Rachel emphasized that life isn't as perfect as it might appear on social media.

"I thank God for being here, for being with my parents, which was what I wanted most, and for having my child in this country. Because where I was before wasn’t the best, as you all know. I don't like to talk about it on social media," she said.

"I'm very happy to be here. Even though the journey was tough and laborious, I achieved what I wanted most. Now, it's onwards and upwards," she reiterated during her more than eight-minute conversation.

"No one says it's easy at first, but everything is possible in life. With God's favor, I am managing quite well. The days are passing, and I'm solving the most pressing problems," she celebrated optimistically.

As Rachel continues to settle in Miami, focusing on her health and the upcoming third trimester of her pregnancy, her partner, Oniel Bebeshito, is enjoying success on his first European tour and celebrating the unstoppable success of his music.

Rachel Arderi's First Days in Miami: FAQs

Here, we address some common questions about Rachel Arderi’s initial experiences in Miami and her health struggles.

Why did Rachel Arderi take a break from social media?

Rachel Arderi took a brief hiatus from social media to handle the numerous tasks required for settling into a new country and to manage her health issues.

What health problems did Rachel face upon arriving in Miami?

Rachel developed a rash all over her body and had to repeat tests to check for anemia, which was particularly concerning as she is six months pregnant.

Will Rachel share details about her journey to the United States?

Rachel plans to discuss her journey to the United States on a YouTube channel she intends to start but will not share private details.

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