Cuban Man Arrested for Multiple Thefts at Hialeah Walgreens

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Felix Ortiz

A Cuban man has been detained and sent to jail for multiple thefts at a Walgreens pharmacy in Hialeah. Lázaro González, 32, was identified as the perpetrator of a series of thefts occurring between April 9 and May 15 at a Walgreens located at 770 West 28th Street.

During those 37 days, he stole merchandise valued at a total of $2,987.68. He was caught in the act this week at the same store when workers spotted him and alerted the Police. González resisted arrest, leading to additional charges of resisting arrest alongside retail theft.

The police reported that security cameras captured him concealing items under his clothing and then leaving the store. América TeVe broadcasted his court appearance, where Judge Mindy Glazer set bail and issued a restraining order prohibiting him from approaching the store.

González has a criminal record that includes six previous charges of shoplifting and petty theft, and he has always been released on bail, allowing him to return repeatedly to the same pharmacy. In court, a Walgreens attorney requested an increase in the bail amount to prevent him from continuing his thefts at the location.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hialeah Walgreens Thefts

Here are some common questions and answers regarding the recent thefts at the Walgreens in Hialeah involving Lázaro González.

Who is Lázaro González?

Lázaro González is a 32-year-old Cuban man who has been arrested for multiple thefts at a Walgreens pharmacy in Hialeah.

What were the total value of the stolen goods?

The total value of the stolen goods was $2,987.68.

What additional charges is González facing?

In addition to retail theft, González is facing charges of resisting arrest.

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