Cubana Supports Milei in Argentina: "I Brought Him a Gift to Open New Paths"

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Zoe Salinas

A Cuban woman, who has lived in Argentina for 15 years, declared herself a loyal supporter of President Javier Milei. She even brought him some dolls as a gift at the unique event held this Wednesday at Luna Park Stadium, where the president sang, dressed up, and also presented a book.

"I am a believer. In Cuba, these dolls are used to open new paths. They bring luck in Cuba. They are made of Cuban wood... they work for me. I will try to give them to him," the elderly woman said during an interview around the stadium before the event.

"I had to come because, look, Milei is sui generis. He has special characteristics. He is very charming. He is very intelligent, very capable, and I like him. It's a unique kind of freedom, as I say. Never seen before. I have visited several countries because I work for a shipping company, and I have met many people, but Milei's characteristics are unique to him," added the woman, even mentioning that she joined the president's political party.

The elderly woman celebrated what she likes most about the current Argentine leader and pointed out that what surprised her the most was that before taking office, he spoke the truth about what was going to happen in the country.

"Those plans, living off stories, are over [...] He seems to be a man trying to organize the country, to straighten it out. It's very difficult. It's not easy because there were many years of vice, many years of theft, many years of immorality," she emphasized.

The Cuban emigrant celebrated the number of people trying to enter the stadium even without tickets. "Here, no one gets paid. Because no one pays me to come. I come out of conviction," she stressed.

Freedom of expression disappeared when asked about the reasons for leaving Cuba, and she declined to respond.

"I can't say because then I can't enter Cuba," she said briefly. However, the woman did say that there is great scarcity in Cuba after 65 years of the same government.

"I see that there are difficulties here, but if people work, they don't have problems, and that is what he urges, to work," concluded the enthusiastic elderly woman.

The controversial president of Argentina had a mass rally this Wednesday at Luna Park, where he started the extravagant recital introducing his new book Capitalism, Socialism, and the Neoclassical Trap by singing his unofficial anthem titled "Panic Show," alongside a rock band composed of some of his closest collaborators. He did so in front of thousands of his followers, who chanted against former Argentine President Cristina Fernández and Spanish President Pedro Sánchez.

Understanding the Cuban Woman's Support for Milei

Below are some questions and answers that delve deeper into the Cuban woman's support for Argentine President Javier Milei and her experiences.

Why did the Cuban woman bring dolls to President Milei?

She believes that these dolls, made of Cuban wood, bring luck and open new paths, a common belief in Cuba.

What qualities does the woman admire in President Milei?

She finds him very charming, intelligent, capable, and possessing unique characteristics not seen in other leaders.

Why did the woman decline to answer about her reasons for leaving Cuba?

She declined to answer because she feared it would prevent her from being able to return to Cuba.

What does she observe about the situation in Cuba?

She noted a great scarcity in Cuba following 65 years of the same government.

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