Biden Under Fire for Allowing Cuban Officials to Tour Sensitive Areas of Miami Airport

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Daniel Vasquez

Biden Under Fire for Allowing Cuban Officials to Tour Sensitive Areas of Miami Airport
Miami International Airport - Image © Miami International Airport - MIA / Facebook

American politicians are demanding answers from President Joe Biden for allowing a delegation from the Cuban regime to visit the control facilities at Miami International Airport (MIA). Five Republican representatives, including four Cuban-Americans, sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, warning of the severe threat to national security posed by Cuban officials touring sensitive areas of MIA.

Members of the U.S. Congress Mario Díaz-Balart, María Elvira Salazar, and Carlos Giménez, alongside Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, all from Florida, expressed their deep concern and outrage over the invitation and tour of the airport terminal by operatives of the Cuban regime.

"It has been reported that these agents accessed secure areas and were able to observe confidential security protocols of the airport," the letter, which was also sent to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator David Pekoske, stated. "We hope you take this incident as seriously as we do and request a full explanation of how this incident could have occurred," the document added.

Díaz-Balart stressed the need for immediate answers about who authorized this visit and why it was permitted. "Protecting our national security and the safety of the American people should be our top priority," he expressed on Twitter.

The signatories of the letter demand the administration respond by May 24 to several questions, such as which areas of the airport the Cuban officials visited, what visas were granted to them, and in which U.S. airports representatives from Cuba or other countries designated by the State Department as sponsors of terrorism have been present.

"Under what authority did the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security invite members of the Communist Party of Cuba to sensitive areas of MIA?" is another question posed. "What security protocols does the TSA apply to foreign visitor tours in U.S. airports?" "What is the process for authorizing TSA-guided tours, and did the TSA follow that process in this case?" "What is the current contact for the Last Departure Airport (LDA) at MIA, and when were they informed of the visit?" the questionnaire concludes.

Marco Rubio emphasized that no member of the Cuban regime should be allowed into the United States, "and much less that the Biden administration lets them tour Miami International Airport."

The Biden administration justified the controversial visit by Cuban officials to MIA this week, indicating that it was part of a professional exchange to promote civil aviation security in both countries. According to a State Department official's statement to Martí Noticias, the TSA works closely with its Cuban counterparts in this specific area.

"This involves the TSA inspecting Cuban airports to certify their capability to host flights to the United States and occasional reciprocal visits by the Cuban Ministry of Transport to U.S. airports to discuss best practices," the official detailed in an email.

The visit occurred just days after the Biden administration removed Cuba from a list of countries that "do not fully cooperate" with anti-terrorism efforts, though it remains on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Key Questions on Cuban Officials' Visit to Miami Airport

The recent visit by Cuban officials to Miami International Airport has raised significant questions regarding national security. Here are some key points addressed by U.S. politicians.

Why did U.S. politicians demand answers from President Biden?

They are concerned about the national security threat posed by allowing Cuban officials to tour sensitive areas of Miami International Airport.

Which U.S. politicians expressed their concerns?

Members of Congress Mario Díaz-Balart, María Elvira Salazar, and Carlos Giménez, as well as Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, all from Florida, voiced their concerns.

What did the Biden administration say regarding the visit?

The administration stated that the visit was part of a professional exchange to enhance civil aviation security between the two countries.

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