Oniel Bebeshito: "I Owe All My Success to Cuba"

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Joseph Morales

Oniel Bebeshito: "I Owe All My Success to Cuba"
Oniel Bebeshito - Image © Instagram / Oniel Bebeshito

Amid the triumph of his first European tour, Oniel Bebeshito took a moment to share a reflective message celebrating his journey and achievements. "Those who do not recognize their history are doomed to repeat it. I am Cuban, born and raised in Cuba, struggling like every Cuban, fighting for a dream," begins the post, which was accompanied by several photos of concerts and the charts of his songs.

"I owe all my success to Cuba and to all the Cubans around the world. Thanks to them, I have a song trending at #27 in music and, as if that wasn't enough, #94 among the most listened-to songs globally in the last three days," he exemplified.

For those who might think his achievements are modest, he clarified that for him, it is a "super achievement" because he knows "perfectly well what it is like to have nothing, to have no one give you anything, and to have to earn it the hard way, as we say."

"Today, life has rewarded me, and in my country, I have 8 songs in the TOP 10," he celebrated in the message, closing with his determination to keep growing and achieving more: "We are going for more. I once said that everyone who believes in me will feel proud."

Applause for his continued effort, his humility in never forgetting where he comes from or what he has built, and blessings and wishes for more dreams to come true and professional goals achieved, were the sentiments expressed by the young reggaeton artist's fans on social media, where he is always recognized as one of the most beloved and followed urban genre artists with a rising career.

Support and affection from colleagues were also abundant: "Keep breaking records," said Charly & Johayron; "Amen, my brother, even bigger things are coming," added violist Zamir; "Stay focused," commented L Kimii.

Among the more than a thousand comments that accumulated on the post within just twelve hours of being shared were words of praise, love, and pride from his mother. "My son, how you have grown. The most important thing is the reward of that public that loves you, your family, your friends. You have sweated all this along with your band; no one has given it to you. You had to earn it. You will always have me in your audience; I love you, your mom," she said.

Before this post, Bebeshito had shared videos of his performance in Barcelona, another consecutive sold-out concert of his tour through the Old Continent.

Oniel Bebeshito's Journey and Achievements

Here are some frequently asked questions about Oniel Bebeshito's career and success, providing more insight into his journey and milestones.

How did Oniel Bebeshito start his music career?

Oniel Bebeshito began his music career in Cuba, where he faced numerous challenges but continued to pursue his dream of becoming a successful artist.

What are some of Oniel Bebeshito's most notable achievements?

Some of his notable achievements include having multiple songs in Cuba's TOP 10 and trending globally on music charts.

How does Oniel Bebeshito view his success?

Oniel Bebeshito views his success as a significant achievement, especially considering the struggles he has faced. He attributes his success to the support of Cubans around the world.

What message does Oniel Bebeshito have for his fans?

He encourages his fans to continue supporting him and promises to make them proud by achieving even more in his career.

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