Fernando Bécquer Now Works in Waste Management After Sexual Abuse Conviction

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Fernando Bécquer Now Works in Waste Management After Sexual Abuse Conviction
The troubadour and convicted sex offender, Fernando Bécquer - Image © Facebook / Raymer Brown

Cuban troubadour Fernando Bécquer, who was found guilty of sexually abusing women and initially sentenced in October 2022 to three years and four months of restricted freedom without imprisonment, is currently working in communal services in the Cuban capital. The sentence was revoked in January 2023 by the Centro Habana Municipal People's Court for violating the original ruling, and Bécquer was sent to prison after composing a "Feminist Guaracha" that sparked backlash from civil society activists and Cuban regime institutions. These groups saw his lyrics as mocking the situation and showing no remorse for his actions.

On Monday, May 20, photos of the singer-songwriter were shared by a Facebook user identified as Raymer Brown, who questioned whether this indicated a change in his sentence and a potential early release for the convicted "of multiple lascivious abuse crimes." “I found Bécquer providing service in communal areas on Valle and Infanta streets, with an evident regime change that must be a camp. Maybe his pose in the photo was to show society he was re-educated and ready to reintegrate. Will we see Bécquer on the streets in the coming months? I don't know, time will tell,” Brown speculated.

The case of Fernando Bécquer caused widespread outrage following revelations by the independent media outlet El Estornudo in December 2021. They published detailed testimonies from five women who described how the musician manipulated them while they were university students to sexually abuse them, with some victims being minors. During the trial held in October 2022, around 30 victims testified against the troubadour for over 12 hours, stating he had committed violent sexual acts without their consent. Since the case became public, Bécquer used his declared support for the Cuban regime as a shield to avoid a harsher sentence.

Emboldened by the lenient sentence, the musician posted the full lyrics of a mocking and offensive song against Cuban feminist activists on his social media three months later. This was reported and interpreted by the courts as a violation of the condition to maintain good behavior and respect. The new judicial decision that sent him to prison indicated that Bécquer had “engaged in serious acts that flagrantly and notoriously violated the requirements of good conduct and respect for social coexistence norms, which he was obliged to comply with under his legal situation, as previously warned.”

"By virtue of the new judicial resolution issued, henceforth, this citizen will serve the imposed sentence internally in a penitentiary establishment," warned the official communication from the Havana Provincial Court.

The publication of the photos showing Bécquer dressed in overalls and work boots next to garbage cans provoked reactions among Cuban activists. They denounced the ease with which the convict had obtained a change of sentence, while hundreds of innocent protesters from the historic July 11 protests continue to serve sentences in prisons without such penitentiary benefits.

Fernando Bécquer, the sexual predator, whose sentence has always been strange and not at all reparative for his victims, is semi-free or almost free or free and sleeping at home. Who guarantees he is no longer a danger to society? A man who repeatedly mocked not only his victims but also the impunity enjoyed by artists loyal to the system,” protested Yamilka Lafita on her social media, comparing this case to that of her friend Eliezet Sesma, a protester whom the authorities have not granted a change of sentence.

FAQs about Fernando Bécquer's Case and Current Situation

To provide a better understanding of Fernando Bécquer's case and his current situation, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What was Fernando Bécquer initially sentenced for?

Fernando Bécquer was initially sentenced for sexually abusing women, which included manipulating university students and some minors.

Why was his initial sentence revoked?

The initial sentence was revoked because Bécquer violated the terms of the original ruling by composing a song that mocked the situation and showed no remorse for his actions.

What is Fernando Bécquer's current status?

Fernando Bécquer is currently working in communal services in Havana and is serving his sentence internally in a penitentiary establishment.

How did activists react to the photos of Bécquer working in waste management?

Activists reacted strongly, denouncing the ease with which Bécquer obtained a sentence change, while many innocent protesters from the July 11 protests remain in prison without similar benefits.

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