Missing Children in Havana: Families Urgently Seek Help

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 by Emily Vargas

Missing Children in Havana: Families Urgently Seek Help
11-year-old boy missing - Image from © Facebook/Thalia Navarro

Two Cuban children, one of them 11 years old, disappeared on Monday afternoon in Old Havana, and their families are urgently asking for help to find them. A social media user identified as "Thalia Navarro" mentioned on Facebook that the mother of the 11-year-old, known as Sailys, alias La Chiqui, is "frantic" searching for her son. She urged those who want to join the search or who have any information about the case to contact the following numbers: 5843 3104, 5200 2408, and 5583 0613.

According to information extracted from various Facebook profiles, the two missing children belong to families who are friends and often played together. On Sunday, they were reportedly playing at the corner of Tejadillo and Cuba streets around 3:00 pm with another child, as shared by a social media user. However, details about the circumstances of their disappearance, their names, or other identifying information such as the clothes they were wearing, have not been disclosed, which could aid in the search.

In recent months, social media has highlighted that disappearances in Cuba are more frequent than the official discourse acknowledges. These platforms have become crucial for many families to locate their loved ones amidst a growing wave of violence and police inefficiency. Last Sunday, a desperate Cuban father sought help on social media to find his son, an 18-year-old with a disability who has been missing from his home in Matanzas for six days. Karen Fuentes López, who is autistic and has communication difficulties, was reported missing by his father.

Additionally, a young Cuban mother residing in the municipality of Nuevitas was reported missing in early May after her family and friends lost contact with her when she left for the city of Camagüey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Missing Persons in Cuba

Given the recent increase in reported disappearances in Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions and answers that might help provide more context and guidance.

How can I help in the search for missing children in Havana?

To assist in the search, you can contact the provided phone numbers and share relevant information on social media platforms to increase visibility.

What should I do if I have information about a missing person?

If you have any information about a missing person, immediately contact the local authorities and the phone numbers shared by the families. Providing detailed information can significantly aid in the search efforts.

Why are social media platforms important in these cases?

Social media platforms allow for rapid dissemination of information and can reach a large audience quickly. This can be crucial in locating missing persons, especially in areas where official channels may be slow or ineffective.

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