Electric Scooter Sparks Fire in Matanzas Home: "Exploded During Power Outage"

Monday, May 20, 2024 by Ernesto Alvarez

A home in the city of Matanzas caught fire after an electric scooter exploded following a power outage. "An electric scooter exploded when they turned the power on and off," wrote Alexander Roque Sanabria in the Facebook group "Compra y Venta en Los Magos, Matanzas."

Along with his report, the user shared a video showing firefighters working to extinguish the blaze, which occurred on Capricho Street in the Los Mangos neighborhood.

The severe energy crisis plaguing Cubans, coupled with frequent power outages and their repercussions, has also led to dangerous incidents like this one. In this case, a family has lost part of their home due to a fire caused by the negligence of the authorities.

Impacts of Power Outages in Cuba

This section addresses common questions regarding the impacts and dangers of frequent power outages in Cuba, as highlighted by the recent incident in Matanzas.

What caused the fire in the Matanzas home?

The fire was caused by an electric scooter that exploded during a power outage when the electricity was turned on and off.

Where did the incident occur?

The incident occurred on Capricho Street in the Los Mangos neighborhood of Matanzas.

What are the broader implications of the energy crisis in Cuba?

The energy crisis in Cuba has led to frequent power outages, causing not only inconvenience but also dangerous incidents like fires due to electrical equipment malfunctions.

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