Santiago de Cuba Community Struggles with Over 20 Days Without Water Supply

Sunday, May 19, 2024 by Richard Morales

Santiago de Cuba Community Struggles with Over 20 Days Without Water Supply
Residents of Los Pinos carry water from other parts of Santiago de Cuba - Image © Collage captured from Facebook / Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

Residents of the Los Pinos neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba are reporting more than 20 days without access to potable water, highlighting a persistent crisis that the regime has yet to resolve. Communicator Yosmany Mayeta sounded the alarm on Facebook this Saturday about the situation in the community, where people have been without drinking water for over three weeks, and almost no one can afford the clandestine water trucks that circulate through the neighborhood.

"This water truck you see in the photo went to B Street in Los Pinos, filled a neighbor's tanks, and charged a hefty price, but no one else could get water because we had to pay for it," Mayeta denounced, warning that the water truck operators are exploiting the difficult situation of the population to make a profit.

However, the real root of the problem lies in the regime's failure to resolve the crisis that has plagued the community for more than 20 days, forcing people to take extreme measures, such as collecting the precious liquid directly from a street leak.

The woman who contacted journalist Mayeta expressed that the community is demanding that the government of Santiago de Cuba restore the water supply in the neighborhood, as "many families don't have a drop to perform household chores," which particularly affects children and the elderly. The latter often find it impossible to carry water or travel to places where there is a supply.

Through some neighbors, CiberCuba confirmed that there are people who have been without water service for more than a month and are forced to move to other areas of the city to access the precious liquid.

"Yesterday, a weak trickle arrived that didn't reach the elevated tank in my house. Thanks to a neighbor who filled some bottles for me, I have some water to drink and cook," commented an elderly resident of the locality.

The precarious water supply situation in the Santiago neighborhood, as well as in other communities, coupled with the inefficiency of the local government, has led to the emergence of diseases among the population.

Mayeta reported on Facebook on Saturday that there is a "major outbreak" of an epidemic with symptoms of fever and vomiting in the Quintero, Santa María, and Boniato districts in the main municipality. The information was confirmed by more than 300 people in the post.

"Right now, I know more than 20 infected people, and I went through it too. The symptoms include unbearable headaches, fever, back pain, vomiting, diarrhea, eye pain, and after recovery, lingering weakness and mild headaches for a few days," said a self-employed worker.

"I was seriously ill, and almost everyone in my area was the same. There are outbreaks everywhere, and they say there's no fuel," noted a singer.

Understanding the Water Crisis in Santiago de Cuba

To provide more insight into the water crisis affecting Santiago de Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

What is causing the prolonged water shortage in Los Pinos, Santiago de Cuba?

The prolonged water shortage in Los Pinos is primarily due to the regime's failure to resolve the underlying infrastructure issues. This has forced residents to rely on expensive and illegal water trucks.

How are residents coping with the lack of water?

Residents are taking extreme measures such as collecting water from street leaks and relying on neighbors for small amounts of water. Many cannot afford the high prices charged by illegal water trucks.

What health issues have arisen due to the water crisis?

The water crisis has led to a "major outbreak" of diseases with symptoms including fever, vomiting, headaches, back pain, diarrhea, and eye pain. These health issues have been confirmed by numerous residents.

What actions are residents demanding from the government?

Residents are demanding that the government of Santiago de Cuba restore the water supply to their neighborhood, as the lack of water severely affects their daily lives, especially for children and the elderly.

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