Participation of El Chacal in Cuban Heritage Day at Marlins Park Sparks Controversy

Sunday, May 19, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

El Chacal made an appearance this Saturday at the Miami Marlins stadium to celebrate Cuban Heritage Day. He attended the event with his family and played a significant role by making the first pitch.

The event has stirred controversy among the Cuban exile community, especially since several well-known Cuban figures were present, including Leoni Torres, Lenier Mesa, Aly Sánchez, and El Chacal himself. The first pitch was thrown by El Chacal with the legendary former Marlins pitcher, Liván Hernández.

El Chacal shared this moment with his followers on social media, posting videos with Liván Hernández and of him making the pitch. These images have sparked a wave of criticism within the Cuban community on Instagram. Comments such as, "A self-respecting Cuban would never set foot on the Marlins' field again," "You were the best singer in Cuba, and now you've stooped to this nonsense—disappointing," "An empty stadium, they got what they deserved," "I respect and admire @leoni_torres, but I don't think he should have attended this charade, especially not hiding his message under his suit," "One less concert ticket to buy!! They have such short memories," and "The Marlins owe the Cuban exile community a public apology," are among the reactions seen alongside the Miami Marlins' post featuring photos of El Chacal and Liván Hernández.

It's worth noting that last year, during the game between Cuba and the United States in the World Baseball Classic, fans wearing "Patria y Vida" shirts and holding signs were banned from entering the stadium. This is why various artists, influencers, and athletes chose not to attend the event this past Saturday, May 18.

Controversy Surrounding Cuban Heritage Day at Marlins Park

The participation of El Chacal in Cuban Heritage Day has led to numerous questions and concerns within the Cuban community. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Why did El Chacal's participation in Cuban Heritage Day cause controversy?

El Chacal's participation was controversial because the Cuban exile community views it as a disrespect to those who have suffered under the Cuban regime. The presence of well-known figures at the event further fueled the outrage.

What was the reaction on social media to El Chacal's appearance?

The reaction on social media was largely negative, with many users criticizing El Chacal and others who attended the event. Comments ranged from disappointment to calls for public apologies from the Miami Marlins.

Why were fans banned from the stadium during the World Baseball Classic?

During the World Baseball Classic game between Cuba and the United States, fans wearing "Patria y Vida" shirts and holding signs were banned from entering the stadium. This act was seen as an attempt to suppress political expression.

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