Cuban Blackouts: A Humorous Take on the Different Stages

Sunday, May 19, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

A young man humorously showcased the various stages that Cubans go through during a blackout in a charming video. The Instagram user, identified as "Crónicas de un cubano", depicted the different scenes experienced daily in thousands of homes across the Island, where power outages keep the population in a state of constant stress and anxiety.

Euphoric, self-relaxation, reflective, psychotic, paranoid, and acceptance. These are the different stages people go through in their homes during the prolonged power cuts, which in some areas have exceeded 14 hours.

"Leave a comment on which stage is the worst for you," he asked his friends and followers in the comment section of the post.

Understanding the Impact of Blackouts in Cuba

In light of the humorous portrayal of blackout stages, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to give you a better understanding of the situation in Cuba.

Why do blackouts occur so frequently in Cuba?

Blackouts in Cuba are often due to outdated infrastructure, lack of investment in the energy sector, and fuel shortages.

How long can these blackouts last?

In some localities, power outages can last more than 14 hours, significantly disrupting daily life.

How do Cubans cope with frequent power outages?

Cubans often resort to humor, community support, and various coping mechanisms such as relaxation techniques and reflective thinking to handle the stress caused by blackouts.

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