Cuban Expat in Spain Overwhelmed by Supermarket Abundance

Sunday, May 19, 2024 by Amelia Soto

A Cuban resident in Spain shared a video reflecting on the overwhelming feelings he experiences when visiting a supermarket for his weekly shopping.

The young man, who was at a Mercadona store—a popular Spanish supermarket chain—stated in a video posted on the TikTok account robertalvablogs that for Cubans leaving the island for the first time, it's a "shock to see so much food and products" from various brands, something not seen in Cuba.

"Cubans in Cuba shop in parts. In different places and sometimes not on the same day. In Cuba, to get anything, you have to scour the entire city, and sometimes you don't even find it," he said.

This user's reaction echoes the sentiments of many Cubans who face similar situations, as expressed in the comments section of his video.

"It's true, you're absolutely right. I'm Cuban and I feel the same way," one user commented.

Another added that she, as a Cuban, goes through the same emotions while "thinking of my relatives left behind."

"I work in a market, and it hurts to see so much food while my country suffers from such misery," confessed another Cuban woman.

These stories of Cubans encountering an abundance of food have been captured in many TikTok videos. For instance, a father visiting a Walmart supermarket in the United States for the first time couldn't help but become emotional and amazed at the sight.

Understanding the Cuban Experience in Foreign Supermarkets

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the experiences of Cubans encountering supermarkets abroad for the first time.

Why is it a shock for Cubans to see so much food in foreign supermarkets?

In Cuba, due to economic hardship and government restrictions, there is often a scarcity of food and products. Seeing fully stocked shelves with a variety of brands is overwhelming for many Cubans who are not used to such abundance.

How do Cubans typically shop for groceries in Cuba?

In Cuba, shopping for groceries often involves visiting multiple locations and sometimes on different days to find all the necessary items. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating process due to the limited availability of products.

What impact does seeing abundance in foreign supermarkets have on Cubans?

For many Cubans, seeing the abundance in foreign supermarkets can be both emotionally overwhelming and painful. It often highlights the stark contrast between their current environment and the scarcity they experienced back in Cuba.

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