Andy Vázquez Issues Apology to Ulises Toirac and Declares: "No More"

Saturday, May 18, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Andy Vázquez admitted to being deeply affected by the public opinion formed on social media towards him after he offered his home to Ulises Toirac in case he decided to emigrate to the United States.

In a video posted early Saturday morning, Andy Vázquez apologized to Ulises Toirac and reiterated the circumstances under which he had written the message of his offer. He explained that he didn't have his colleague's phone number and was in the midst of a hectic day at home, so his public message was an impromptu expression of affection towards a colleague who had once helped him by inviting him to the show "¿Jura decir la verdad?".

Andy Vázquez's extensive explanation came in response to a second post by Ulises Toirac, which concluded with the phrase, "publicity should be embraced, not silenced."

“I didn't do it with bad intentions,” Andy excused himself, and his apology was accepted by Ulises Toirac.

However, frustrated by accusations that he is only seeking likes and promotion, Andy Vázquez announced that “no more,” and he will no longer help anyone.

“I understand that Ulises felt bad, that he didn't like me offering my home and help through social media, but this is it. Don't call me anymore,” declared the comedian.

He detailed that his last public act of solidarity will be towards Dayan Sotolongo, a young man suffering from elephantiasis, for whom he requested assistance to buy a ticket for him and his sister to travel to Spain for treatment.

“No more, this is where I stop. I don't do anything for likes, I didn't comment for likes. Don't call me anymore to share cases of people in need of help,” warned the comedian to his followers.

“The trolls won this battle. From now on, all my pages will be about promotions and humor, although in humor, I will continue to criticize the Cuban government,” he concluded.

Andy Vázquez and Ulises Toirac Controversy

The recent controversy between Andy Vázquez and Ulises Toirac has sparked various questions from their followers. Below, we address some of the most common inquiries regarding this incident.

Why did Andy Vázquez apologize to Ulises Toirac?

Andy Vázquez apologized to Ulises Toirac because his public offer of help was seen as inappropriate and caused discomfort to Toirac.

What led to Andy Vázquez's decision to stop helping publicly?

Andy Vázquez decided to stop helping publicly due to the backlash and accusations that he was only seeking likes and promotion from his charitable acts.

Who is Dayan Sotolongo and why is Andy Vázquez helping him?

Dayan Sotolongo is a young man suffering from elephantiasis. Andy Vázquez is helping him by requesting assistance for him and his sister to travel to Spain for medical treatment.

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