Woman Dies from Burns in Santiago de Cuba: Reports

Saturday, May 18, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Woman Dies from Burns in Santiago de Cuba: Reports

A Cuban mother tragically died this Thursday in Santiago de Cuba due to severe burns, according to numerous reports on social media. The woman, identified as Isaira Despaigne, was 33 years old and left behind three children, two of whom are quite young and one aged between 17 and 18 years.

Residing in Micro 3 in the Abel Santamaría neighborhood of Santiago de Cuba, Despaigne reportedly passed away in the hospital from a heart attack while being treated for her burns. The details of the incident remain unclear, but most accounts suggest her husband set her on fire and is now in custody.

"Someone who works at the clinic where she was taken says she told her partner not to touch her, but he set her on fire. Later, police detained him at the funeral," wrote Irma Broek, administrator of the Facebook group "Denouncing Crimes in Cuba," in a post.

"What a way to play! Setting his wife on fire and then saying it was a game. He threw fuel on her and then a lighter, and she caught fire," commented Yosmany Mayeta, a journalist from Santiago, referencing the alleged explanation given by the husband to the authorities.

"You didn't deserve this, my sister, you didn't. I have no words or strength; we will say goodbye to you as you deserve, as a warrior, a champion. Never Forget. Rest in peace, my sister," wrote social media user Lescaille Kirenia alongside an emotional video commemorating the deceased.

The last post on Isaira Despaigne's Facebook profile was from May 12, when she wrote a beautiful tribute to her late mother.

As of the closing of this article, Cuban feminist platforms have not yet commented on the tragic incident.

Questions Surrounding the Tragic Death of Isaira Despaigne

In light of Isaira Despaigne's tragic death, several questions remain unanswered. Here we address some of the most pressing inquiries.

What were the circumstances leading to Isaira Despaigne's death?

The exact circumstances are unclear, but reports suggest her husband set her on fire, leading to her death from severe burns and a subsequent heart attack.

Has the husband been detained?

Yes, according to various reports, the husband has been detained by the police following the incident.

How has the community reacted to this tragedy?

The community has expressed shock and grief, with many taking to social media to mourn Despaigne's death and demand justice.

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