Daughter of Cuban Fighter in Angola Seeks to Reunite with Her Father

Saturday, May 18, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Daughter of Cuban Fighter in Angola Seeks to Reunite with Her Father
Hija y su padre - Imagen de © Facebook/Cubanos en la guerra de Angola

An Angolan woman residing in Belgium has posted an announcement seeking to find her Cuban father, identified as José Cabrera (Pepe) from Florida, Camagüey. According to a post in the Facebook group "Cubans in the Angola War," the woman named Yamara was born from a relationship between Cabrera and her mother, a woman from Matala named Lisett. Lisett became pregnant, and by the time the child was born, Cabrera had already returned to Cuba. Since then, his whereabouts have remained unknown.

In Angola, Cabrera worked with the pipero from the Matala unit during the years 1986-88, the post details. The woman is asking anyone who knows the family of the former fighter to contact her at the phone number 5509 9789.

Dozens of Cuban families have been separated by various political and migratory processes over the past six decades. Recently, the plea of an elderly man residing in Miami to locate his two daughters, whom he hasn't seen since 1980, made headlines. The man, named Miguel Ramos, asked a friend to help him fulfill the wish of finding his daughters, and this person turned to social media to attempt to locate them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Separated Cuban Families

The story of Yamara and her search for her father, like many others, highlights the ongoing impact of political and migratory separations on Cuban families. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to this topic.

Why are so many Cuban families separated?

Cuban families have been separated due to various political and migratory processes over the past six decades, including international conflicts, political exile, and economic migration.

How can separated family members locate each other?

Family members can use social media platforms, community groups, and online forums to seek information and connect with lost relatives. Public announcements and posts in relevant groups, like "Cubans in the Angola War," can also be helpful.

What is the significance of the Angola War for Cuban families?

The Angola War was a significant international conflict where many Cuban soldiers were deployed. Relationships formed during this period often led to long-lasting separations when soldiers returned to Cuba, leaving behind families in Angola.

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