Gente de Zona Rocks Chihuahua, Mexico with Electrifying Concert

Friday, May 17, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Gente de Zona delivered an electrifying performance this Thursday in Chihuahua, Mexico, captivating the audience who came to see them live. "What we experienced yesterday in the city of Chihuahua was incredible! Thank you for all the love that recharged us with energy! We love you, and it's always a pleasure to come back! Until next time," the popular Cuban duo posted on their official Instagram profile, along with several photos from that spectacular night.

On stage, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom dazzled the crowd by performing Gente de Zona's most successful hits like "Bailando" and "La Gozadera," as well as tracks from their new album Demasiado. "Last night was a party and the After Party in Chihuahua was amazing! This is just the beginning!" Randy Malcom also shared on social media.

Alexander didn't lag behind and posted more photos of the concert on his profile, describing it as a non-stop fiesta: "Spectacular night! My people of Chihuahua left me speechless."

This concert in Chihuahua came nearly a month after the release of Gente de Zona's new album, Demasiado, which includes 10 tracks that have once again captivated the duo's fans.

Gente de Zona's Concert in Chihuahua: Key Questions Answered

If you're curious about Gente de Zona's recent concert in Chihuahua, Mexico, here are some key questions and answers that might interest you.

When did Gente de Zona perform in Chihuahua?

Gente de Zona performed in Chihuahua on a Thursday night.

Which songs did Gente de Zona perform?

They performed hit songs such as "Bailando" and "La Gozadera," along with tracks from their new album Demasiado.

What was the audience's reaction to the concert?

The audience was highly enthusiastic, and the duo expressed their gratitude for the love and energy they received.

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