Cuban Father's Hilarious Adventures at Disney World

Friday, May 17, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Comedian Mario Ramil, a Miami resident, shared a delightful video showcasing how a Cuban father enjoys his visit to Disney World. With the support of his family, Mario starred in a series of humorous situations that brought laughter to many of his followers on Instagram.

From the moment they entered the park, the Cuban father exhibited his unique style, drawing everyone's attention with his distinctive customs, his way of gesturing, speaking, communicating with his family, and creating imaginative stories during chats with friends.

As soon as they arrived, any animal they encountered—be it a duck, a squirrel, or even Disney's famous mice—the Cuban father would call out with his trademark, "¡Misu, misu, misu!". The daughters, embarrassed by the classic scoldings of a Cuban dad, tried to enjoy themselves but couldn't hold back their laughter at the curious glances from other visitors.

The walk through the park wasn't easy. After several hours of strolling, the Cuban father felt the effects of so much activity: "¡Ay, my thighs are chafing!", Mario exclaimed.

The Florida heat was no match for this ingenious dad. Armed with a water bottle, he didn't hesitate to pour some over his daughters' heads to cool them off. "Come here, mija, drink some water, cool off, it's hot!". When it came to the endless lines for attractions, no one dared to cut in front of them. With determination and a bit of "cubaneo," they held their place firmly in line.

The culinary aspect of the visit also had its special touch. In every restaurant, the request for bread was inevitable: "Could we get some bread, please?". And in the cafes, the Cuban dad was always on the lookout for a good coffee, or as they call it, "una colada," to regain energy before continuing to explore the park.

True to their reputation, good Cuban fathers avoided spending on the souvenir photos offered at the park. In the souvenir shop, prices were always checked before taking home a gift.

At the end of the day, though exhausted, the Cuban father and his family left the park with a bunch of funny stories to tell and, of course, unforgettable memories of their visit to Disney World.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cuban Father's Disney World Visit

Here are some common questions and answers about the amusing adventures of a Cuban father at Disney World, as shared by comedian Mario Ramil.

Who is Mario Ramil?

Mario Ramil is a comedian based in Miami known for his humorous content, especially about Cuban culture and family dynamics.

What makes the video of the Cuban father's visit to Disney World so funny?

The video is hilarious due to the Cuban father's unique customs, humorous interactions with his family, and the way he navigates typical Disney World experiences with a distinct Cuban flair.

How does the Cuban father handle the Florida heat?

He creatively uses a water bottle to cool off his daughters by pouring water over their heads, ensuring they stay refreshed.

What is "una colada"?

"Una colada" is a term for a small, strong Cuban coffee that helps recharge energy during a busy day.

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