Meliá Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Iconic Hotel Jagua in Cienfuegos

Friday, May 17, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Meliá Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Iconic Hotel Jagua in Cienfuegos
Hotel Jagua - Imagen de © Web Hotel Jagua

The hotel chain Meliá has announced that it has added the iconic Hotel Jagua in Cienfuegos to its portfolio of tourist properties in Cuba. "The Hotel Jagua, a flagship of Cienfuegos, will operate as INNSiDE Cienfuegos Jagua in 2025," officials from the Spanish chain explained to the website Hosteltur.

The acquisition of the hotel is a strategic move by the company. They assure that travelers will now be able to combine the discovery of the historic center of this UNESCO World Heritage city with the enjoyment of INNSiDE by Meliá experiences. These experiences include engagements with the local cultural life, versatile leisure spaces, and gourmet cuisine.

Cienfuegos: A Cultural and Historical Gem

Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South, is a city of great historical and cultural significance in Cuba. The Hotel Jagua, with its prime location on the Bay of Cienfuegos, has been a landmark for both domestic and international tourists.

Meliá continues to strengthen its presence in Cuba, despite the fact that international tourism on the island has yet to take off. The Cuban government has failed to meet its foreign visitor arrival targets for more than three years, and the quality of services is increasingly criticized.

The Spanish company is preparing to open two new hotels amidst this scenario, with an "ambitious renovation plan." The first hotel, Meliá Costa Rey, is located on Las Coloradas Beach and features 566 rooms. It will be an adults-only destination. The second hotel, Sol Hicacos Varadero, will begin operations on November 1 near the dolphinarium. This hotel, catering to guests over 16 years old, will result from the transformation of the former Hotel Turquesa.

Meliá's Strategic Moves and Cuba's Tourism Landscape

Below are some frequently asked questions about Meliá's recent acquisition and the broader context of Cuba's tourism industry.

Why did Meliá acquire Hotel Jagua?

Meliá acquired Hotel Jagua as part of a strategic move to enhance its portfolio and offer unique cultural and historical experiences to travelers in Cienfuegos.

What are the new features of INNSiDE Cienfuegos Jagua?

INNSiDE Cienfuegos Jagua will provide engagements with local culture, versatile leisure spaces, and gourmet dining experiences.

What challenges does Cuba's tourism industry currently face?

Cuba's tourism industry faces challenges such as failing to meet foreign visitor arrival targets and declining service quality.

What are Meliá's plans for new hotels in Cuba?

Meliá plans to open two new hotels: Meliá Costa Rey on Las Coloradas Beach, an adults-only resort, and Sol Hicacos Varadero, which will cater to guests over 16 years old.

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