Mother of Cuban Woman Murdered by Ex-Partner in Florida City Seeks Humanitarian Visa to Say Goodbye

Friday, May 17, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Mother of Cuban Woman Murdered by Ex-Partner in Florida City Seeks Humanitarian Visa to Say Goodbye
Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez y Odelsa Márquez - Imagen de © Yessy Rodríguez / Facebook y Odelsa Márquez / Facebook

The mother of a Cuban woman who was fatally shot by her ex-partner in Florida City, Miami-Dade, is in urgent need of a humanitarian visa to bid farewell to her daughter. Odelsa Márquez, mother of Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez, currently resides in Ecuador and is appealing for assistance from any politician or immigration attorney to secure a visa that will allow her to travel to the United States for a final goodbye.

"I can't close that chapter. Although, as a mother, one never truly closes the chapter, at least with a farewell where I can hug her and talk to her, even though she is deceased; I haven't been able to have that, and it’s something that is needed," she told Telemundo 51.

Yessenia, 44, had only been in the country for nine months when, on April 22, she was shot and killed inside a car by her ex, Alexander Roque, 48. After committing the crime, Roque drove to the police station with the body in the passenger seat.

"I want to understand it, but I can't… not because I am her mother, but because no one who understands what it means to feel love for others could be capable of doing something so barbaric," Odelsa questioned.

The victim's body has not been released to the family by the police because the investigation is still in its initial stages.

Yessenia and her 12-year-old daughter had come to the United States through a humanitarian parole program sponsored by the girl's father. They all lived together until Yessenia met Roque. Their relationship lasted just three months. According to Odelsa, her daughter decided to leave Roque’s house because he started exhibiting violent behavior.

"We need a place for her because her daughter has wanted her to stay there. If not, I would take the ashes and bring them back, but the girl wants her mom to stay there with her," Odelsa requested.

According to the arrest report, before being apprehended, the killer sent photos of Yessenia's body to her mother and ex-husband. "What a horrible thing to do as a human being… if you can even call him that," Odelsa expressed.

FAQs on Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez's Tragic Case

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the tragic case of Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez, her mother's struggle for a humanitarian visa, and the ongoing investigation.

Why does Odelsa Márquez need a humanitarian visa?

Odelsa Márquez needs a humanitarian visa to travel from Ecuador to the United States to say a final goodbye to her daughter, Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez, who was tragically murdered by her ex-partner.

What is the current status of the investigation?

The investigation is still in its initial stages, and the police have not yet released Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez's body to the family.

How did Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez come to the United States?

Yessenia Rodríguez Márquez and her 12-year-old daughter arrived in the United States through a humanitarian parole program presented by the girl's father.

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