Driver Dies in Truck Accident on Holguín-Banes Highway

Thursday, May 16, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Driver Dies in Truck Accident on Holguín-Banes Highway
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A truck accident resulted in one fatality on the Holguín-Banes highway, according to eyewitnesses who shared details on social media. Reports in the Facebook group "UCM SOBRE RUEDAS" indicate that the accident occurred on Wednesday night in the Tacajo area of the Holguín-Banes road. They specify that the incident involved a Renault truck from the Military Construction Unit (UCM) in Santiago de Cuba, and the driver lost his life.

The deceased, known as "Vinlade," was an employee of the UCM in Santiago de Cuba. An online user explained that the accident happened on a very sharp curve with a significant drop, describing the area as "extremely dangerous."

"Rest in peace, Vinlade, more than a friend, a brother. I am from UCM 5. My condolences to his family. As always, a hug and a kiss to the sky. You will be missed, brother," said one of his colleagues.

Last year, over 700 fatalities were reported in traffic accidents across Cuba, according to authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic Accidents in Cuba

Given the high number of traffic accidents in Cuba, it's important to understand the context and details surrounding such incidents. Here are some common questions and answers:

What are the main causes of traffic accidents in Cuba?

The main causes of traffic accidents in Cuba include poor road conditions, lack of proper signage, reckless driving, and insufficient vehicle maintenance.

How can one stay safe while driving in Cuba?

To stay safe while driving in Cuba, it's crucial to drive cautiously, adhere to speed limits, be vigilant for road hazards, and ensure your vehicle is in good working condition.

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