Sewage Overflows Unchecked in Santiago de Cuba Street: "Flows Past a Clinic"

Thursday, May 16, 2024 by Amelia Soto

An uncontrolled sewage overflow is flooding a street in Santiago de Cuba, flowing past a family doctor's clinic and several homes, without any intervention from the regime. Journalist Yosmany Mayeta reported on Facebook this Tuesday that the local government's inaction on the sewage leak is affecting residents of 7th Street in the Altamira neighborhood, especially children and the elderly.

"A river of contaminated water is flowing down the entire street," the activist noted, highlighting that sanitary problems in this area are common due to landslides and sewage issues. According to Mayeta, the situation is exacerbated because the community "is located on a slope, and all the waste from the neighboring 'El Ateneo' area ends up here."

Additionally, he pointed out that the sewage leak is near a rationed grocery store and a daycare center, "where parents and children have to walk through these foul waters daily," he reported, warning that this situation endangers the health of the children. "Avoid contaminating the potable water with this sewage that can cause numerous diarrheal problems in several neighboring communities," Mayeta insisted, blaming the regime and its inaction for the sanitary crisis in the Altamira community, a place that has seen multiple anti-government protests.

This is not the first time that sewage blockages and overflows have endangered the health of children. Parents of students at the "Amistad con los pueblos" primary school, located in La Comercial of District 1 José Martí in Santiago de Cuba, recently reported that the entrance and the morning assembly area were flooded with sewage. "This is happening right now; the entrance is flooded with sewage, making it difficult for children to enter their classrooms. The principal says she has exhausted all resources by visiting various institutions, but nothing has been done," recounted one of the mothers.

Also in Santiago de Cuba, some residents reported in March a sewage blockage that reached the water meter and potable water valve in the area, posing a significant risk. The incident occurred on the central Morro Road, at various points along both sidewalks, in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood. "We are drinking filthy water," an outraged resident told the independent journalist Mayeta, who shared several photos on Facebook taken in front of the provincial headquarters of the Red Cross.

Health Risks from Sewage Overflows in Santiago de Cuba

In light of the ongoing sewage issues in Santiago de Cuba, it's important to address some common questions and concerns about the health risks and the local government's response.

What health risks are associated with sewage overflows?

Sewage overflows can lead to serious health issues, including diarrheal diseases, skin infections, and other illnesses caused by exposure to contaminated water.

How has the local government responded to the sewage issues in Santiago de Cuba?

According to local reports and activist accounts, the local government has shown little to no action in addressing the sewage problems, leaving residents to deal with the health risks on their own.

What measures can residents take to protect themselves from contaminated water?

Residents should avoid contact with contaminated water, use bottled or boiled water for drinking and cooking, and report any sewage issues to local authorities, although response may be limited.

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