Enrique Santos and Cuban Community Rally to Aid Evicted Mother and Her Two Daughters in Miami

Thursday, May 16, 2024 by Amelia Soto

Popular American host Enrique Santos has showcased his charitable side by personally assisting a Cuban mother who was recently evicted with her two daughters in Miami. The renowned presenter visited the current residence of the woman and handed her a check. This generous act was captured on video and later shared by Cuban TikToker Dairon Cano.

Taking advantage of Enrique Santos's presence, Dairon Cano sent a message to all Cubans and influencers, encouraging them to use their social media platforms to support fellow compatriots instead of engaging in and sharing controversies. "The enemy of Cubans is the dictatorship, not other Cubans," he said. "This is how we will help each other, united," the presenter emphasized.

Besides Enrique Santos, several other Cubans have also joined the cause to support the mother. Two men residing in Miami came forward to offer their assistance, both financially and with bags full of food and supplies. Notably, one of them had been living in the city for only two months, but he didn't hesitate to take time and money from his savings to contribute to the Cuban mother's well-being.

"Help for the Cuban mother. I’m recording this so people can see that good people and good Cubans exist. This Cuban has been here for two months, and look at the groceries he bought. This young man is also giving her some money," added Dairon Cano.

Supporting Evicted Families in Miami

In light of the recent efforts to support an evicted Cuban mother in Miami, we address some common questions about how the community can assist those in need.

How can I help evicted families in Miami?

You can support evicted families by donating money, food, and supplies. Volunteering your time and using your social media platforms to raise awareness are also effective ways to help.

What organizations assist evicted families in Miami?

Several organizations, such as the Miami Rescue Mission and Camillus House, provide assistance to evicted families in Miami. Local community centers and food banks also offer support.

How can social media be used to support those in need?

Social media can be a powerful tool to raise awareness, gather donations, and mobilize community support. Sharing stories, organizing fundraisers, and encouraging others to contribute are effective ways to use these platforms for good.

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