Cubana Takes Family by Surprise on Nephew's Birthday Visit to the Island

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Aaron Delgado

A Cuban woman named Evelyn Hurtado shared a video on her TikTok profile, @evelynhurtado9710, capturing her surprise trip to the island and reunion with her family. "I came home after a year and four months, a surprise for everyone," commented the protagonist of the video, which has garnered thousands of views on the platform.

According to Evelyn's post, she decided to fly to Cuba with her American son to surprise her family and attend her nephew's birthday. "Surprise trip to attend my nephew's birthday. No one expected me to be there, but God had a hand in it, and that same month I received my residency. Only my sister, brother-in-law, and I knew about it. They didn't expect to meet their other American nephew. My heart was pounding when I saw my family; I couldn't believe it," she expressed.

The video shows Evelyn arriving in her old neighborhood with her son in her arms and moments later bursting into the family home, a heartfelt moment that ended with hugs and tears of joy.

FAQs About Evelyn Hurtado's Surprise Trip to Cuba

Here are some frequently asked questions about Evelyn Hurtado's emotional surprise visit to Cuba and the heartwarming reunion with her family.

Who is Evelyn Hurtado?

Evelyn Hurtado is a Cuban woman who shared her surprise trip to Cuba on her TikTok profile, capturing her emotional reunion with her family.

Why did Evelyn Hurtado decide to visit Cuba?

Evelyn decided to visit Cuba to surprise her family and attend her nephew's birthday. She traveled with her American son to make the reunion even more special.

How did Evelyn Hurtado's family react to her surprise visit?

Evelyn's family was overwhelmed with joy, resulting in a heartfelt moment filled with hugs and tears of happiness.

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