Collision Between Classic Car and Tanker Truck Leaves Shocking Images

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Collision Between Classic Car and Tanker Truck Leaves Shocking Images
Imágenes del accidente - Imagen de © Facebook / Accidente Buses & Camiones

The collision between a classic **"almendrón"** car and a tanker truck on Tuesday in **Havana** has left shocking images and several injured individuals requiring specialized medical attention.

The incident occurred in the **La Lisa** municipality, near the area known as **Novia del Mediodía**, in front of the **Hotel Mariposa**, on the highway from Havana to **San Antonio de los Baños**. "This happened in the afternoon, in front of Hotel Mariposa," stated a user of the **Facebook** group 'Accidentes Buses & Camiones', sharing images of the vehicles after the crash.

The most severely affected was the 1950s American-made car, known in **Cuba** as "almendrones," whose body was completely deformed by the impact. According to comments from people claiming to have witnessed the accident, the driver had to be taken to the hospital in critical condition. "The driver of the almendrón was in bad shape, but the passenger next to him was unharmed. My brother passed by and saw the young man there. The tanker driver was also unhurt," stated an internet user.

According to her account, the accident was caused by the driver of a **Yutong bus** who performed a dangerous maneuver, forcing the tanker to swerve to avoid another car and hitting the almendrón. Images shared in the post show the tanker truck crashed into what appears to be the perimeter wall of the Hotel Mariposa.

"Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but a man walking by was struck by the tanker and suffered severe leg injuries. He was the most severely injured," noted another user in the comments.

The years of exploitation of these classic cars, coupled with the lack of maintenance, repairs, and spare parts, make these vehicles frequent protagonists in accidents in Cuba.

Recently, another almendrón was involved in an accident while crossing a bridge on the **National Highway of Cuba**. It seems a dip at the entrance of the bridge caused the car to veer off the road and fall over the median. The condition of the vehicle's occupants, who were taken to the hospital, is unknown.

In late April, the driver of an almendrón emerged unscathed after crashing into a light pole at the corner of **Árbol Seco Street** and the popular **Carlos III Avenue** in Havana. Days earlier, a modern pick-up truck collided with an almendrón at the corner of **19th and M** in El Vedado, causing severe damage to the 1950s American car.

FAQs About the Almendrón and Tanker Truck Collision in Havana

Here are some common questions and answers regarding the recent collision between a classic almendrón car and a tanker truck in Havana.

What caused the collision between the almendrón and the tanker truck?

The collision was allegedly caused by the driver of a Yutong bus who performed a dangerous maneuver, forcing the tanker truck to swerve and hit the almendrón.

Were there any fatalities in the accident?

Fortunately, there were no fatalities. However, a pedestrian was struck by the tanker and suffered severe leg injuries.

What are "almendrones"?

"Almendrones" are classic American cars from the 1950s, commonly used as taxis in Cuba. They are known for their durability but often suffer from a lack of maintenance and spare parts.

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