José Coll Responds to El Taiger's Claim that Cuban Mafia Ended in '59

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Oscar Guevara

Comedian José Coll has reacted to one of El Taiger's recent posts on his official Instagram account, a message directed at reggaeton artist Ja Rulay amidst their ongoing feud.

"In Cuba, the abuse, extortion, mafia, and capos all ended in '59, and ignorance doesn't exempt you from responsibility. You are a young man setting a bad example for our youth, and that's not okay. We will take serious measures against you, either you straighten up or we will straighten you out," the urban singer wrote, referencing Ja Rulay's behavior, whom he accused of allegedly beating up one of his friends in Cuba.

After seeing El Taiger's post, José Coll couldn't hold back and uploaded a video to his Instagram profile, inviting the urban singer to reconsider his statement about the true nature of the mafia in Cuba.

José Coll's Take on the Cuban Mafia

"Folks, I just saw a post from El Taiger, which seems to be directed at Ja Rulay, saying that the mafia in Cuba ended in '59. I was born in '74, and there was already a mafia. If the mafia started in '59, Taiger, man, when you get your residency, you'll see," the comedian commented.

FAQs about El Taiger and the Cuban Mafia

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding El Taiger's claim about the Cuban mafia and José Coll's response.

Who is El Taiger?

El Taiger is a Cuban urban music artist known for his reggaeton tracks and strong social media presence.

What did El Taiger say about the Cuban mafia?

El Taiger claimed that the mafia, along with abuse and extortion, ended in Cuba in 1959.

How did José Coll respond to El Taiger's claim?

José Coll posted a video on Instagram, indicating that the mafia was still present after 1959 and suggested that El Taiger reconsider his statement.

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