Chaos in Brickell as Feid and Yandel's Concert on Miami Waters Halted by Police

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Sofia Valdez

**Feid** and **Yandel** set Brickell ablaze! The reggaeton stars held a concert from a yacht in **Miami's** waters to promote their new album Manifesting (featuring the single "Brickell"), but the event caused such chaos that police had to bring it to an end. Hundreds of fans flocked to the area to watch the performance from the yacht on Tuesday, May 14, in Miami. However, the artists managed to perform only three songs before police requested that they stop the concert due to the traffic issues the event had triggered.

**Yandel's manager**, **Andy Martínez**, confirmed that the **police's maritime patrol** asked the artists to cease their performance because "the entire traffic system collapsed." He mentioned that more than 50 police patrols tried to manage the crowd wanting to reach the bridge and follow the yacht's route. He also clarified that the artists had the necessary permits for the event but could not perform the entire album, only three songs.

Despite the police intervention and the abrupt end to this unique show, the strategy worked perfectly for Feid and Yandel. On social media, they, along with those who attended, shared moments from Brickell this Tuesday, and the event has gone viral.

Feid and Yandel's Yacht Concert in Miami: Key Details and Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions about the recent concert held by Feid and Yandel on a yacht in Miami that caused significant traffic disruptions and required police intervention.

Why did the police stop Feid and Yandel's concert?

The police halted the concert due to severe traffic disruptions caused by the event. Over 50 police patrols were needed to manage the crowd and traffic situation.

How many songs did Feid and Yandel perform before the concert was stopped?

Feid and Yandel were able to perform only three songs before police requested that they stop the concert.

Did Feid and Yandel have permits for the yacht concert?

Yes, the artists had the necessary permits for the event, but the concert was still stopped due to the unexpected traffic chaos.

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