Oniel Bebeshito Shuts Down the Streets of Rome with an Impromptu Concert

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Abigail Marquez

Any place is perfect for Cuban reggaeton artist Oniel Bebeshito to unleash his music, and the spectacular streets of Rome were no exception. The popular urban music singer brought a street in the Italian capital to a standstill with an impromptu concert brimming with vibrant, party vibes.

Accompanied by a vocalist and another guitarist, Oniel Bebeshito delighted the street audience with some of his hits like "Infladora" and "Déjalo Quemado." With his songs, charisma, and ease, the urban artist managed to capture the attention of many passersby, who didn't hesitate to record the moment with their mobile phones.

"The Cuban artist knows how to put on a show anywhere," Oniel Bebeshito commented in the video post he shared on his Instagram account, which is currently unavailable for his followers to enjoy.

Oniel Bebeshito is currently in Rome, Italy as part of his tour across various European cities. Among the stops the reggaeton artist has made are Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Vienna, among others.

Oniel Bebeshito's Impromptu Concert in Rome

Here are some key questions and answers about Oniel Bebeshito's recent street performance in Rome and his European tour.

Who is Oniel Bebeshito?

Oniel Bebeshito is a Cuban reggaeton artist known for his urban music hits and charismatic performances.

What songs did Oniel Bebeshito perform in Rome?

He performed some of his popular hits, including "Infladora" and "Déjalo Quemado."

Why was the video of the concert taken down from Instagram?

The specific reason for the video's removal is not mentioned, but it is currently unavailable for his followers to view.

Which other European cities has Oniel Bebeshito visited on his tour?

His tour includes stops in Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vienna, among other cities.

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