Osmani García Celebrates Wife Laura's Birthday with the Most Romantic Greeting

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Grace Ramos

With a romantic message and the desire to continue sharing adventures together, Osmani García wished his wife Laura a happy birthday. "Happy Birthday my Universe. Feliz Cumpleaños para La Reina y malcriadez más grande de mi existencia, el amor más inmenso en mi alma y realidad desde que nací," wrote the Cuban artist alongside a video that highlights special moments with the renowned pastry chef.

"Exciting times are ahead where all our big dreams will come true instantly, but my main and greatest wish for you is to always be filled with infinite health as my wife until eternity," added the emotional post where he spared no words of love for his life partner.

"I love you with all my frequency and vibration, as Tesla would say. God created me for you. Happy Birthday my Laura García, my sugar sun. May we have thousands of adventures, all by your side my eternal love," said El Chiquitico de Cuba to celebrate his partner's new journey around the sun on May 17, seven days before his own birthday.

Before this post, the couple shared on social media snapshots of their family getaway to the Bahamas, accompanied by the pastry chef's mother and their child.

Last year, Osmani also celebrated the occasion with a heartfelt declaration of love. "God reserved the best company for me... What a companion, what joys, what adventures, what speed in materializing happy moments I live with my Laura. I hope to have a lot of health to enjoy you in every corner of the universe if we were given eternity. Universally and excessively yours!" he said on that occasion.

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