Title: Heated Exchange! El Taiger Blasts Ja Rulay, Accuses Him of Assaulting an Associate in Cuba: "Tell Your Mom You're in Trouble"

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

El Taiger erupted on social media against Ja Rulay, adding fuel to the ongoing feud between the two Cuban urban genre singers. All indications point to Ja Rulay allegedly assaulting an acquaintance of El Taiger in Cuba, prompting the reggaeton artist to direct some harsh words at him through a video shared on his official Instagram account.

"I’ve seen something that boils my blood. I'm going to be brief in ending this problem. And since you took the liberty to do things wrong, I will do them worse. You came with 10 people and attacked a guy who was just mediating between you and me. You needed 10 people because you need to walk around with a whole crowd to feel strong," El Taiger initially stated.

He continued, "The issue between you and me was supposed to be handled like men, just you and me. You have the size, but you weren't capable of doing anything. Instead, you went to get people, as always, to solve your problem."

As if that wasn't enough, El Taiger also vowed to retaliate for the alleged action by Ja Rulay, swearing on his deceased mother: "How many did you gang up with? Ten? Okay, you don't have more people than I do. On my mother's grave, you don't have more people than I do. Behind me, there's a madness. Get ready, and tell your mom that I say you're in trouble, on my mother's grave. Before my grandmother sees me in a frame, yours will be bringing you flowers. On my mother's grave, you don't have more people than I do. I'm coming for you."

Furthermore, both urban artists exchanged messages through texts posted on their respective Instagram stories. "In Cuba, abuse, extortion, mafia, and mob bosses ended in '59," El Taiger wrote.

El Taiger and Ja Rulay Feud: Key Questions Answered

In light of the recent heated exchange between El Taiger and Ja Rulay, many fans are left with questions about the ongoing conflict. Here, we address some of the most pressing queries.

What sparked the feud between El Taiger and Ja Rulay?

The feud appears to have escalated after Ja Rulay allegedly assaulted an acquaintance of El Taiger in Cuba.

How did El Taiger respond to Ja Rulay's alleged actions?

El Taiger responded by posting a video on Instagram, where he issued a series of threats and vowed retaliation against Ja Rulay.

What did El Taiger swear on in his response to Ja Rulay?

El Taiger swore on his deceased mother that he would retaliate against Ja Rulay.

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