Mily Alemán Proudly Shows Off Her Son: "My Flesh and Blood Doll"

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 by Amelia Soto

Mily Alemán Proudly Shows Off Her Son: "My Flesh and Blood Doll"
Mily Alemán y su hijo Alexander Jr. - Imagen de © Instagram / Mily Alemán

Mily Alemán is a proud mom, and rightfully so. At just 10 years old, her son Alexander Jr. is winning hearts, starting with hers.

The Cuban model and designer shared two beautiful photos on Instagram featuring her son, who is the result of her relationship with Gente de Zona member Alexander Delgado.

“My flesh and blood doll! My reason for being… my baby,” she captioned the post, summarizing the beautiful relationship between mother and son.

In the photos, Alex Jr. hugs his mom from behind, a pose filled with infinite love and affection between the two.

In celebration of Mother's Day, Mily also posted other photos on social media, featuring her son and her mom, commemorating the special day.

In one of these pictures, Alex Jr. is seen at the piano, an instrument in which he has shown talent, with his mom and grandmother by his side.

Alexander Delgado also shared a special Mother's Day greeting on his Instagram profile, celebrating the mothers in their family.

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