Rachel Cruz and Kary Bernal Celebrate Another Anniversary

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Michael Hernandez

Rachel Cruz and Kary Bernal Celebrate Another Anniversary
Rachel Cruz y Kary Bernal junto a su hija - Imagen de © Instagram / Rachel Cruz y Kary Bernal

Rachel Cruz, the actress, and her wife, the TV host Kary Bernal, are celebrating another anniversary, marking over a decade of a beautiful family life with their daughter.

On her Instagram account, Rachel shared a lovely photo of the couple, captioned simply with the word "fourteen." This number seemingly encapsulates all the years of love and complicity they have shared.

Rachel and Kary tied the knot on October 14, 2018, in an intimate ceremony attended only by close family and friends, but closely followed on social media. Just a few months later, they announced Rachel's pregnancy. Their daughter, Alaia, who turns five this May, has since become the center of their lives.

This past Mother's Day, the couple celebrated the occasion as two proud moms, alongside their daughter, who has always felt the immense love from both of them. The trio has grown into an enviable family unit, embodying a dynamic and joyful combination of women who love having fun together.

In an interview a few years ago, Rachel spoke about motherhood and her relationship with Kary. She was clear about their approach to raising their daughter: "The story is that she has two moms, no dad, and at some point, I will explain to her how it works. There are single-mom families, families with two dads. I believe she will be very fortunate to have two moms, and I think family units aren't defined by gender; they are created, and she will have a family."

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