Cubano Starts as Dishwasher at Greek Restaurant in Florida, Becomes One of Its Top Chefs

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Ernesto Alvarez

A young Cuban who recently arrived in the United States began his journey washing dishes at a restaurant in Florida and has now become one of its top chefs. Fernando Armas, who arrived in the country on December 16, immediately started working as a dishwasher at the Greek restaurant Louis Pappas in Bradenton, Sarasota.

In statements to CiberCuba, the migrant shared that in January, with no prior experience, he started to "learn thanks to the opportunity given to me by the restaurant." "Honestly, everything has turned out to be more than I expected. My life has changed, and I have received the support of the restaurant," he expressed.

In March, the restaurant dedicated its social media segment "History Hour" to him, where it was mentioned that the immigrant is actively learning English, and that one day when they needed a cook, they asked if he wanted to give it a try. "He said yes. Despite the language barrier and absolutely no experience in the kitchen, Louis trained him to be one of our best chefs. He always has an incredible attitude and is a pleasure to work with, so we wanted to give him a big shoutout! Thank you, Fernando, we appreciate everything you do!" wrote the restaurant.

Louis, of Greek heritage, bases its recipes on the Mediterranean diet and prepares its menu items with pure and healthy ingredients, such as olive oil, fresh local farm produce, and high-quality natural meats and cheeses.

Fernando's story contrasts with that of other newly arrived young people who have not been able to adapt to the pace of life in the United States. Take Yandri, a 25-year-old who arrived in January through the Mexican border and was released with an I-220A document (Order of Release on Recognizance), after which he settled in Tampa.

However, on social media, he shared his disillusionment with his stay in the United States, a country where, according to his experience, "life there is not what it seems," as the available jobs "are lousy and it is difficult to get a good job without help," and there is no time for a social life.

In February, Yandri wrote to our editorial team informing that he had returned to the island, where according to him, "he had everything."

Fernando Armas' Journey from Dishwasher to Chef

Here are some frequently asked questions about Fernando Armas' remarkable journey from a dishwasher to one of the top chefs at Louis Pappas in Florida.

Who is Fernando Armas?

Fernando Armas is a young Cuban who arrived in the United States in December. He started working as a dishwasher at Louis Pappas in Bradenton, Sarasota, and has since become one of their top chefs.

What is Louis Pappas?

Louis Pappas is a Greek restaurant located in Bradenton, Sarasota, known for its Mediterranean diet-inspired menu made with pure and healthy ingredients.

How did Fernando Armas become a chef?

Fernando started as a dishwasher and, despite having no prior experience or fluent English, he was given the opportunity by Louis Pappas to train as a chef. His incredible attitude and willingness to learn helped him excel in his new role.

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