Virtual War Among Cuban Influencers? Blame It on Hermès Bags

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Daniel Colon

Virtual War Among Cuban Influencers? Blame It on Hermès Bags
La Dura, Camila Guiribitey y Nayer - Imagen de © Instagram de las influencers

In recent weeks, bags from the French fashion house Hermès have taken center stage in the posts of several Cuban influencers. Although the situation hasn't escalated to a full-blown conflict, the jabs and indirect comments are flying, and it appears that La Dura, Camila Guiribitey, and Nayer are caught in the middle of this virtual war.

Jacob Forever's partner has been flaunting her latest acquisitions on Instagram, showcasing three Hermès Birkin bags, each worth thousands of dollars, paired with her best outfits. According to La Dura, acquiring these bags from Hermès stores and elsewhere is no easy task; aside from their high cost, one must navigate a rigorous process, including being placed on a waiting list, having a purchase history with the brand, and maintaining good relations with the store staff. For instance, her first Birkin cost her $23,000, double its value, because she purchased it from a luxury retailer outside of Hermès.

Meanwhile, Camila Guiribitey has had better luck. "I think people like me," she says with a laugh while showcasing a Mini Kelly from Hermès, which she bought at the brand's official store in Madrid for approximately $7,000.

Amidst the handbag frenzy, Nayer made an appearance this week, casually posing with her Hermès bag at a restaurant with a stunning view in Positano, Italy, where she recently got married.

Hours after her Instagram post, Camila Guiribitey and seemingly La Dura shared reels on their Instagram stories that clearly mock those who flaunt fake Hermès bags. Many netizens interpreted this as a veiled jab at Nayer.

The singer didn't ignore the criticisms in her Instagram post and sent a message that could also be seen as a response to the other two influencers. She showed receipts from her latest Hermès purchase last April in Milan, Italy, totaling 16,700 euros, and reminded everyone that she bought her first Hermès in 2015.

As this apparent virtual war over luxury brand bags continues, opinions among netizens are divided. Some celebrate these women for being able to acquire such products, while others harshly criticize them for indulging in such frivolity.

Hermès Bags and Cuban Influencers: Key Questions Answered

This section delves into some frequently asked questions about the ongoing virtual conflict among Cuban influencers over Hermès bags.

Who are the main influencers involved in this virtual war?

The main influencers involved are La Dura, Camila Guiribitey, and Nayer.

What sparked the conflict among these influencers?

The conflict was sparked by the influencers flaunting their Hermès bags on Instagram, leading to jabs and indirect comments about the authenticity and acquisition of these luxury items.

How difficult is it to acquire a Hermès Birkin bag?

Acquiring a Hermès Birkin bag involves a rigorous process, including being placed on a waiting list, having a purchase history with Hermès, and maintaining good relations with store staff, in addition to the high cost of the bag.

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