Pitcher Jonathan Carbó Begins Training in the Dominican Republic

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Edward Lopez

Pitcher Jonathan Carbó, recently "dishonorably expelled" from the ranks of Cuban baseball after being dismissed from the Italian league team he was contracted with and not returning to Cuban soil, has started his training in the Dominican Republic.

Carbó arrived in the nation with the goal of securing a contract with a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise. Sports journalist Francys Romero noted that "he has the potential to land a deal," adding that he is a "starter with a fastball that ranges between 91-94 MPH."

In a recent video, Romero shared footage of the Cuban's training sessions, although he did not provide further details. On Monday, it was reported that the National Baseball Commission in Cuba decided to expel him from the Competitive System, according to sports journalist Carlos Hernández Luján.

Carbó was playing in Italy under a contract facilitated by the Cuban Federation of the sport when he was expelled from that league due to indiscipline. At 26 years old and hailing from the Isla de la Juventud, this young baseball talent joins many other prospects leaving the island in search of a more prosperous future for their athletic careers.

In recent days, it was revealed that pitcher Jan Ewing Cabrera from Villa Clara will be represented in his quest to sign with an MLB team by Wasserman Media Group—the second most powerful sports agency according to Forbes magazine. Cabrera, 19, was "one of the best young talents between 2022 and 2023" and "was part of the Cuba U-18 team," Romero recalled in a post.

Jonathan Carbó's MLB Aspirations and Training

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jonathan Carbó's training and his journey towards securing a Major League Baseball contract.

Why was Jonathan Carbó expelled from Cuban baseball?

Jonathan Carbó was expelled due to indiscipline while playing in the Italian league under a contract arranged by the Cuban Federation.

What is Jonathan Carbó's current goal?

Jonathan Carbó's current goal is to secure a contract with a Major League Baseball franchise.

What are the key strengths in Jonathan Carbó's pitching?

Jonathan Carbó is known for his fastball that ranges between 91-94 MPH, making him a strong prospect as a starting pitcher.

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