Tragedy in Florida: Eight Dead and 45 Injured in Farm Worker Bus Accident

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Alexander Flores

Tragedy in Florida: Eight Dead and 45 Injured in Farm Worker Bus Accident
Entre los afectados hay varios mexicanos. - Imagen de © Collage Facebook / El Financiero

A tragic accident occurred this Tuesday in central-northern Florida, where eight people lost their lives and 45 were injured following a bus crash involving farm workers on a state highway.

The 2010 model bus, carrying “approximately 53 farm workers,” collided with a 2001 Ford Ranger at around 6:35 am, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, cited by CNN. Following the collision, the bus veered off the road, broke through a fence, and overturned, emergency officials reported.

James Lucas from the Marion County Fire Rescue confirmed that eight individuals died at the scene. Additionally, 45 injured persons were transported to medical facilities, with eight of them in critical condition. However, Lieutenant Patrick Riordan of the Florida Highway Patrol warned during a press conference that more fatalities are expected as a result of the accident. Riordan noted that some of the injured, including the driver of the Ford Ranger, are in “very serious condition.”

Riordan also stated that they are conducting a “large-scale investigation into the vehicular homicides” and suggested that it might take at least six months to conclude the inquiry. The passengers on the bus were farm workers headed to a farm in the area, Riordan said, cited by CNN.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods dodged questions regarding the immigration status of the victims, responding, “All I’ve been told at this point is that everyone has what they need to be here.”

Alicia Bárcena, Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, reported on Tuesday that Mexican farm workers were involved in the accident. Staff from the Mexican Consulate in Orlando are on-site “to support Mexican nationals and provide consular protection,” Bárcena shared on social media platform X.

The Consulate of Mexico in Orlando also announced that they have made “emergency phone numbers available and appreciate any information about affected Mexican nationals and their families” following the tragic incident.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Florida Bus Accident

To provide more clarity on the tragic accident in Florida that involved a bus carrying farm workers, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What caused the bus accident in Florida?

The accident occurred when a 2010 model bus carrying farm workers collided with a 2001 Ford Ranger. The exact cause is still under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol.

How many people were affected in the accident?

Eight people died, and 45 were injured. Among the injured, eight are in critical condition.

Are the victims of the accident farm workers?

Yes, the bus was carrying approximately 53 farm workers who were headed to a farm in the area.

What is being done to help the victims and their families?

The Mexican Consulate in Orlando is providing support and consular protection to Mexican nationals affected by the accident. Emergency phone numbers have also been made available for information and assistance.

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