Osmani García and Laura Enjoy Family Vacation in the Bahamas

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Emily Vargas

The Bahamas beaches are an outstanding tourist destination all year round, and this time, it was the choice for Osmani García and his wife Laura to enjoy an incredible vacation.

Bryan, the little son of the pastry chef, and the singer’s mother-in-law also joined them on this trip, which has been well-documented on social media. Laura herself has been sharing photos and videos of their Caribbean island getaway on her Instagram stories.

Her posts feature stunning landscapes and beautiful views of the beaches and tourist facilities. Osmani and Bryan posed for the cameras and, like expert drivers, took their girls on a tour around the villa where they are staying.

No vacation by the sea among Cubans would be complete without a game of dominoes, and in the evening, the four of them focused on their best moves.

Last April, Osmani and Laura vacationed in Cancún, Mexico, another sun and beach destination where they let their love run free.

Osmani García and Laura's Bahamas Vacation: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Osmani García and Laura's family vacation in the Bahamas.

Who accompanied Osmani García and Laura on their Bahamas vacation?

Bryan, Laura's son, and Osmani's mother-in-law accompanied them on their vacation in the Bahamas.

What activities did Osmani and his family enjoy during their vacation?

They enjoyed beach landscapes, tourist facilities, a tour around their villa, and a game of dominoes in the evening.

Where did Osmani and Laura vacation before their trip to the Bahamas?

In April, Osmani and Laura vacationed in Cancún, Mexico.

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