Armed Men Rob Young Cuban in Holguín, Steal Motorcycle

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Zoe Salinas

Armed Men Rob Young Cuban in Holguín, Steal Motorcycle
- Imagen de © Facebook/Yosvani Díaz

Three armed men stormed into a young man's home in broad daylight on Sunday in the city of Holguín, stealing his motorcycle and other valuable belongings, according to a social media post made by the victim's father.

"Yesterday, in the middle of the day, around two in the afternoon, three armed men broke into my son's house. They took his scooter, wallet, phone, and a chain," Yosvani Díaz reported on Facebook. "Please help share this post. There are indeed weapons on the streets of Holguín," added Díaz.

Díaz shared a photo of the stolen vehicle, a conspicuous pink scooter. While he did not specify the types of weapons the assailants carried, they appeared to be firearms.

CiberCuba has contacted the complainant to gather more information about the incident, which occurred in the Alcides Pino neighborhood, according to a source familiar with the case who commented on the post.

The report generated dozens of expressions of support for the family, as well as shock at the increasing number of violent thefts of all kinds in Cuba.

"The violence in Holguín knows no bounds," an internet user remarked, describing the crisis of violent incidents in the province.

Although recent weeks have seen a slight decrease in reports of such incidents on social media, many argue that the violence rate remains high on the island.

In March, a senior official from the Prosecutor General's Office denied any increase in criminal violence in Cuba, which includes crimes such as murder, homicide, assault, robbery with violence, and sexual aggression.

Beatriz de la Peña La O, head of the Investigation Department of the Directorate of Criminal Processes, attempted to shift the focus to social media and its ability to disseminate information more widely.

According to the prosecutor, there is a false perception of increased crime because social media provides greater visibility of incidents, and the number of Internet users has grown.

Recently, it was reported that the provincial court of Pinar del Río sentenced five young people under the age of 20 to up to eight years in prison for attacking people with machetes.

In that case, the accused were charged with robbery with violence and intimidation. The five defendants, who were in provisional detention, were between 16 and 19 years old at the time of the events.

It was also reported that the provincial court of La Habana sentenced a man to 30 years in prison for murder, in an incident in the Boyeros municipality linked to an illegal exit from the country in which other crimes were committed.

Despite this, reports of street robberies continue to emerge, with neighbors often apprehending the thieves and holding them until the police arrive.

Details on the Rise of Violence in Holguín

The recent armed robbery in Holguín has raised numerous questions about the rise in violent incidents in Cuba. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What did the armed men steal from the victim in Holguín?

The armed men stole a pink scooter, a wallet, a phone, and a chain from the victim.

Where did the incident occur?

The incident occurred in the Alcides Pino neighborhood in the city of Holguín.

What has been the response from the community?

The community has shown support for the victim's family and expressed shock at the increase in violent robberies in Cuba.

What is the official stance on the increase in violence in Cuba?

A senior official from the Prosecutor General's Office has denied any increase in criminal violence, attributing the perception to greater visibility on social media.

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