Cubano Returns to the Island and Stages Heartwarming Surprise Reunion with His Mother

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Amelia Soto

A Cuban resident in Miami returned to the island to surprise his mother, creating one of those reunions that is impossible not to get emotional over. The moment the woman sees him, she runs into the arms of her son, engaging in an endless embrace they both must have longed for.

The protagonist of this touching scene is Bray Ramírez (@bray_ramirez), who shared the video with the song "Mi vieja" by Charly y Johayron. The reactions have been swift, with hundreds of Cubans unable to hold back their emotions upon witnessing the beautiful reunion between this young man and his mother in Cuba.

"Here crying over strangers," "Soon I'll be like this, such joy to see so much love. Mothers are one of a kind," "Oh my God, crying over strangers is my greatest passion," "Crying over strangers is my passion, and the lady looks great. Many blessings," "What immense joy, they brought me to tears," and "I want you to know you made me cry without doing anything" are some of the comments seen alongside the video, which continues to rack up views on TikTok.

Heartwarming Reunion Between Cuban Son and Mother

This section answers common questions about the emotional reunion of Bray Ramírez and his mother, as well as general queries about similar reunions that touch the hearts of many.

Who is Bray Ramírez?

Bray Ramírez is a Cuban resident in Miami who recently returned to Cuba to surprise his mother, resulting in a touching reunion that has gone viral on TikTok.

What song did Bray Ramírez use in his reunion video?

The song used in the video is "Mi vieja" by Charly y Johayron.

How have people reacted to the reunion video?

Hundreds of Cubans have expressed their emotions and joy in the comments, with many stating they were moved to tears by the heartwarming reunion.

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