Family of Amanda Lemus Sends Heartfelt Mother’s Day Greeting to Cuban Mothers

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Amelia Soto

The family of young Cuban girl Amanda Lemus has sent a heartfelt message of gratitude from Spain to the people of Cuba, especially to the mothers. "Life is the first thing that must be saved. A mother understands this clearly," reads the message in this "Lullaby for Amanda."

The video was recorded at the Madrid hospital where Amanda is positively recovering from a complex organ transplant. This intricate operation was made possible thanks to the support of the Spanish health center that took on her case, as well as the solidarity of Cubans who came together to save her life when the Public Health System in Cuba had failed to provide a solution.

Amanda’s parents did not give up. With the help of activists like Yamilka Lafita (Lara Crofs), they were able to draw attention to her case on social media and received help from outside Cuba. The journey has not been easy, but Amanda is a tireless fighter, gradually showing signs of improvement.

The recovery process after such a transplant is not without its challenges. The family must remain in Spain indefinitely, without employment, but they have also received substantial support from the Cuban community abroad through resource donations to help them get by.

There are mothers in Cuba facing extremely delicate situations concerning their children's health, in a country where hospitals lack essential resources to perform complex surgeries or treat diseases like cancer. These are significant reasons why Amanda’s family came together to create such an emotional message of gratitude and congratulations to Cuban mothers, both within and outside the island, for being true warriors.

Understanding Amanda Lemus's Journey and the Cuban Health Crisis

Here are some common questions and answers regarding Amanda Lemus's journey and the wider health crisis in Cuba.

Who is Amanda Lemus?

Amanda Lemus is a young Cuban girl who underwent a complex organ transplant in Madrid, Spain, after the Cuban health system failed to provide a solution for her condition.

What was the role of the Spanish health center in Amanda's treatment?

The Spanish health center in Madrid played a crucial role by accepting and successfully performing Amanda's complex organ transplant, which was pivotal in saving her life.

How did social media help Amanda Lemus's case?

Social media was instrumental in drawing attention to Amanda's case, enabling activists like Yamilka Lafita to garner international support and resources for her treatment outside Cuba.

What are the challenges faced by mothers in Cuba regarding their children's health?

Mothers in Cuba face significant challenges due to the lack of essential medical resources in hospitals, making it difficult to perform complex surgeries or treat serious illnesses like cancer.

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