Cubano Newly Arrived Astonished by Meat Selection During First Visit to a U.S. Supermarket: "I Don't Even Want to See Chicken"

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Michael Hernandez

A Cuban woman filmed her father's amazement during his first visit to a supermarket in the United States after arriving from the island. This experience is one that this Cuban man will surely never forget, as he couldn't help but be astonished by the sheer quantity of meat available.

Maitebeauty84, as the user identifies herself on TikTok, shared a video of her father walking through Walmart and looking at the various meats displayed, completely taken aback by the abundance and variety of products. He even jokes that he can't find meat anywhere. "I don't even want to see chicken. There is good chicken," he comments while stopping to take a look. "Of course, chicken without hormones...," his daughter responds.

"When you bring your parents from Cuba and take them to Walmart for the first time. This was his reaction. It seems funny, but it's a sad reality. Only we know the reality of not having the right or access to basic necessities. Thank God we are now in a land of freedom in every way," this Cuban woman expressed about the video.

"There is no milk here, just like in Cuba," the man points out ironically while standing next to the milk refrigerators, packed with bottles.

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