Repairs Underway for La Gran Piedra Road in Santiago de Cuba After Years of Neglect

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Madison Pena

The government of Santiago de Cuba has begun the process of paving the access road to La Gran Piedra, after years of ignoring warnings from residents and visitors about the dangers posed by the road's severe deterioration.

A report broadcast by the official Tele Turquino channel boasted that seven kilometers of the mountainous road have already been rehabilitated, out of the 14 kilometers that need repair. Years of neglect, overgrowth, and landslides had narrowed the road, making it a hazardous route for both drivers and pedestrians.

Optimistic Report on Road Repairs

With great optimism, the report highlighted that the road repairs would facilitate the "daily access of bus routes to the hotel facility (hotel at La Gran Piedra), given that mountain trucks only provide service on Tuesdays."

However, for years, residents of the rural community have expressed frustration over their unaddressed demands for more buses or trucks, as well as an increase in the frequency of trips. Many locals who work or live near La Gran Piedra have been forced to walk up to 14 kilometers due to the poor state of transportation, which the regime justified by citing the road's terrible condition.

One resident of the mountainous area stated in the report that the road's deterioration put children at risk during their daily commute to and from school, a situation that had been repeatedly flagged over the years.

A worker from the Islazul company expressed her hope that the road repairs would bring back tourists, the primary source of income for the locals. The area, besides the enormous stone, also features a botanical garden, a hotel, and the La Isabelica museum, all of which used to attract visitors.

The regime's attention to the mountainous road coincides with the recent declaration of the Sierra de la Gran Piedra, along with the Alturas de Santa María de Loreto and the Terrazas Costeras de Mar Verde-Baconao, as Cuba's second National Geopark.

Frequently Asked Questions About La Gran Piedra Road Repairs

As the road to La Gran Piedra undergoes much-needed repairs, many questions have arisen regarding the project's impact and future implications. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Why has the road to La Gran Piedra been neglected for so long?

The road has been neglected due to years of governmental indifference and lack of maintenance, despite repeated warnings about its dangerous condition from residents and visitors.

How many kilometers of the road have been repaired so far?

As of the latest report, seven kilometers out of the 14 kilometers that need repair have been rehabilitated.

What are the expected benefits of the road repairs?

The repairs are expected to improve daily access for bus routes, enhance safety for residents and visitors, and potentially bring back tourists, which is a major source of income for the local community.

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