Dense Smoke on National Highway Sparks Accident Concerns

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Joseph Morales

A Cuban driver has raised concerns about the dangers of driving on the National Highway at the entrance to Havana due to the burning of garbage at a nearby dump, which creates dense smoke on the road.

The complainant identified the dump as being located on the first ring section by the sixth lane. "Visibility is greatly reduced to the point where you have to stop," said Osniel Almaguer in the Facebook group “ACCIDENTES BUSES & CAMIONES por más experiencia y menos víctimas!”

Along with his post, Osniel shared a video showing how difficult it is to drive due to the danger posed by low visibility.

In the comments section, users supported his complaint. "Every time they burn garbage, this happens. It’s not easy," noted one user.

Another user remarked on the danger shown in the images and asked, "But who will bell the cat?"

One person urged local and municipal authorities to monitor the situation. "I recommend that the Communal Services and the authorities of the capital and the municipality take the necessary measures to prohibit setting fire to that garbage dump and prevent an accident, in addition to reducing the area’s and the atmosphere’s pollution," they added.

Recently, an incident involving a vehicle that fell off a bridge on the National Highway sparked comments from several Cubans who criticized the poor condition of this road infrastructure and the government's neglect of its maintenance responsibilities.

The incident occurred this past Saturday at kilometer 69 of the highway when a 1950s American-made car (known in Cuba as “almendrones”) veered off the road, broke through the bridge's safety barriers, and fell onto the road divider.

A post in the Facebook group ‘Accidentes Buses & Camiones’ featuring a photo of the bridge and the wrecked car generated comments from several users who criticized the authorities' inaction in maintaining an infrastructure that has reportedly witnessed similar accidents before.

Common Concerns About National Highway Safety in Cuba

The article has highlighted several critical safety issues on Cuba's National Highway. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers regarding these concerns.

What causes the dense smoke on the National Highway?

The dense smoke is caused by the burning of garbage at a nearby dump, which reduces visibility and creates hazardous driving conditions.

How are local authorities responding to the safety concerns?

Users have urged local and municipal authorities to take measures to prohibit the burning of garbage at the dump to prevent accidents and reduce pollution. However, there has been criticism of the authorities' inaction.

What recent incidents highlight the poor condition of the National Highway?

A recent incident where a 1950s American-made car fell off a bridge at kilometer 69 of the highway has brought attention to the poor condition of the infrastructure and the government's neglect in maintaining it.

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