Gorki Águila Arrives in Mexico: "Happy to Leave the Hell, the Castro Extermination Camp"

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Emma Garcia

The Cuban musician and dissident Gorki Águila Carrasco has finally left Cuba and arrived in Mexico this Monday, several days after his arbitrary arrest at Havana’s airport by State Security, which had prevented him from traveling.

“I’m happy to leave the hell, the Castro extermination camp,” were the first words of the lead vocalist of the rock band Porno para Ricardo upon arriving at the Mexico City International Airport, in what seems to be a one-way trip. “They made me suffer a lot so that I would remember never to return, but that is my land,” emphasized the artist in a video recorded and uploaded to Facebook by Czech filmmaker and photographer Hana Jakrlova.

“They tore me from my land, but not from the root,” Águila warned. “My roots are there... That is my homeland, that is my country, where I have my dead, where I created my project.”

In her post, Jakrlova celebrated the musician’s arrival on Mexican soil: “Better late than never: Gorki Luis Águila Carrasco is free!” and recalled that he was able to leave Cuba on a second attempt because “the first time, the police did not allow him to board the plane and arrested him.”

“Stay tuned for our documentary film Permanent Gorki. We were filming the last years of Gorki’s life in Cuba, and we plan to follow him into his involuntary exile. Freedom for Cuba!” the filmmaker stated.

The singer was arrested on May 3 by the political police of the Cuban regime after being banned from boarding a flight to Mexico, alleging that he was “regulated,” an official term used by authorities to prevent Cubans from traveling freely outside the country.

After officials from the Directorate of Identification, Immigration, and Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba notified him of his migratory “regulation,” Águila protested the arbitrary decision and was immediately detained by the regime’s repressive agents.

The artist was detained for more than 24 hours at the Santiago de las Vegas police station near the airport. During that time, Águila, who suffers from epilepsy, was held without his medication and without eating.

Before releasing him on the night of May 4, they fined him 2,000 pesos for a false charge of contempt.

Artists and human rights organizations demanded his immediate release.

Gorki Águila (Havana, 1968) is the author of iconic protest songs that marked Cuban punk rock, such as El Comandante, dedicated to dictator Fidel Castro, and Comunista chivatón, directed at Culture Minister Alpidio Alonso-Grau. Additionally, he is a staunch activist against the Cuban totalitarian regime, which has led to numerous arrests and continuous repression by State Security through threats and censorship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gorki Águila's Arrival in Mexico

Here are some common questions and answers regarding Gorki Águila's recent arrival in Mexico and his ongoing conflict with the Cuban regime.

Why was Gorki Águila arrested at Havana's airport?

Gorki Águila was arrested at Havana's airport by State Security, which prevented him from traveling by alleging he was “regulated,” a term used by Cuban authorities to restrict citizens from leaving the country.

What is the significance of Gorki Águila's music?

Gorki Águila is known for his protest songs that have marked Cuban punk rock. His notable works include El Comandante, dedicated to Fidel Castro, and Comunista chivatón, directed at Culture Minister Alpidio Alonso-Grau.

What was Gorki Águila's experience during his detention?

During his detention, Gorki Águila was held for more than 24 hours without his epilepsy medication and without eating. He was fined 2,000 pesos for a false charge of contempt before being released.

What are the future plans for Gorki Águila in Mexico?

Filmmaker Hana Jakrlova plans to continue documenting Gorki Águila's life in Mexico through the documentary film Permanent Gorki, following his involuntary exile.

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