Film "Plantadas" Now Available on Vix Platform

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Daniel Vasquez

Film "Plantadas" Now Available on Vix Platform
Fotograma del filme "Plantadas" - Imagen de © Captura de video YouTube / Vilaplana Films

Filmmaker Lilo Vilaplana's movie "Plantadas", which pays tribute to Cuban political prisoners victimized by Castro's regime, is now available on the Hispanic streaming service Vix. The official Instagram account of the film announced this news, bringing the production closer to those interested in viewing it.

"Plantadas will be available on the Vix platform starting May 15," the post stated. The movie, filmed during 2022, features performances by Alina Robert, Claudia Toma, Rachel Vallori, Yuliet Cruz, Ariel Texidó, Daniel Romero, Luis Manuel Álvarez, Lily Rentería, Larisa Vega, Amarilys Núñez, Juanita Baró, Vivian Ruiz, and Frank Egusquiza.

The screenplay is by Ángel Santiesteban, Ninoska Pérez, and Vilaplana himself, who also co-directed with his son Camilo. According to Larisa Vega, the film "represents the pain, anguish, and desperation of the relatives of prisoners."

At the premiere of the film during the 40th Miami International Film Festival last year, Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo remarked, "Anyone who watches this movie and is Cuban and remains unaffected is a human being without a heart or conscience. Seeing the suffering of these women, like thousands of others, profoundly affected me. These women here have more courage than the majority of men in the world."

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