Mother's Health Shows Signs of Improvement After Stroke in Texas

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Joseph Morales

Daymi Furcade Cateura, a Cuban mother currently in the intensive care unit in Austin, Texas, after suffering a stroke a few days ago, opened her eyes, showing signs of improvement.

Her brother, Damian Furcade, posted an emotional video on TikTok this Sunday, where the young woman is seen with her eyes open, blinking, and even yawning despite being intubated. "Your eyes are open, my heart, wow, Glory to God. Truly, prayers are powerful, Lord. Thank you for what you are doing for my sister, Lord. Thank you for how she is going through this process," said Damian Furcade Cateura, who thanked the Cuban community fervently for their prayers and support for his sister.

"Your brother loves you very much, your mom loves you very much, your daughter loves you very much," said the Cuban, overflowing with affection towards his sister. In recent days, Furcade Cateura had posted several videos on TikTok asking for prayers and support from the Cuban community for his sister, who had a severe health issue shortly after arriving in the United States just over a month ago through the CBP One application.

Community Support and Efforts for Daymi Furcade Cateura

Last week, in a video shared on Instagram by Niover Licea, the incident reporter expanded on the case and explained that Damian reached out to him to help raise awareness about the family's situation following his sister's neurological accident. They aim to get their message to the local congressman, Adrian Smith, hoping he can assist in securing an urgent humanitarian visa for Daymi's 16-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Vanesa, and her mother, Haydée Cateura, to travel to Texas.

Additionally, the medical center where Daymi is hospitalized has prepared a document addressed to the Cuban consular section, requesting a humanitarian visa for her family, as she needs them.

Parallelly, Damian Furcade has opened a GoFundMe account with a goal of $30,000. "The reason for raising funds is to cover hospital expenses plus the recovery that will take months or even a year, according to the doctors. These funds will be used for the entire long process she will face in the hospital and afterward her recovery," he explained.

Unfortunately, Daymi Furcade is not the only Cuban mother residing in the United States who has fallen victim to a stroke. Recently, Arianna Hernández, a young Cuban mother who was diagnosed in a coma in Tampa after suffering a seizure and several strokes, also showed miraculous improvement, to the point where she is now speaking, which is an important sign of progressive recovery.

Admitted since March 28 at the Melech Hospice House in Temple Terrace, Florida, the young woman—known to her loved ones as "La China"—was even declared terminal by the hospital, where they disconnected her ventilators on April 3. However, the relentless efforts of her family, especially her husband, who never ceased fighting to bring his partner back, worked the miracle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daymi Furcade Cateura's Condition

Here are some frequently asked questions about the current situation of Daymi Furcade Cateura and the efforts being made for her recovery.

What caused Daymi Furcade Cateura's hospitalization?

Daymi Furcade Cateura was hospitalized after suffering a stroke a few days ago in Austin, Texas.

How is Daymi Furcade Cateura currently doing?

She has shown signs of improvement by opening her eyes, blinking, and yawning despite being intubated.

What support is the community providing for Daymi Furcade Cateura?

Her brother has posted videos on TikTok asking for prayers and support. The community has been actively praying and supporting her.

What actions are being taken to help Daymi Furcade Cateura's family?

Efforts are being made to secure humanitarian visas for her daughter and mother to travel to Texas. Additionally, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to cover medical expenses.

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