Lenier Mesa Delivers Heartfelt Performance of "Cómo te pago" for Mother's Day Celebration

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Abigail Marquez

“Cómo te pago,” the musical hit by Lenier Mesa, has become a popular choice for serenading mothers, and this time it was the artist himself who performed the song for those special individuals. Invited by the promoters of Miami Vice to the Project Love for elderly, Lenier celebrated Mother's Day with several mothers and grandmothers.

Accompanied by a guitar, the Cuban singer and songwriter serenaded the audience with “Cómo te pago.” A post shared on Instagram by Angel Sanchez, CEO of Miami Vice, captured the event. “What a beautiful moment we are experiencing. Lenier, thank you for accepting the invitation to sing at our Project Love on such a special day,” Sanchez expressed his gratitude to the artist.

As always when Lenier performs this song, applause was inevitable, particularly from the mothers present. Just a few days ago, Lenier surprised another group of women by singing this beautiful song at a Mother's Day celebration.

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