Journalist from Radio Rebelde Criticizes Union Eléctrica for Broken Promises

Sunday, May 19, 2024 by Samantha Mendoza

Journalist from Radio Rebelde Criticizes Union Eléctrica for Broken Promises
José Miguel Solís at the Sauto Theater in Matanzas - Image © Facebook / José Miguel Solís

This past Sunday, on Mother's Day in Cuba, widespread power outages dampened the already limited celebratory spirit of millions. The critique did not come from just any official journalist but from the one responsible for covering the Guiteras thermoelectric plant in Matanzas and, by extension, news related to the Unión Eléctrica de Cuba (UNE) and the national electro-energy system.

The journalist in question was José Miguel Solís, a veteran in the longstanding trade of "revolutionary journalism," which often embellishes data and realities with the same enthusiasm that "turns setbacks into victories." The Radio Rebelde reporter in the "Athens of Cuba" targeted the state socialist company led by Alfredo López Valdés, for which he has been a fervent propagandist of many epic tales.

The day began optimistically for Solís. "The UNE confirms that there will be no service interruptions during the early hours. A good omen for Mother's Day," he indicated on his social media. However, something went awry, and the UNE introduced a blackout in Matanzas like a Trojan Horse.

Around 11 PM on Sunday, the power returned, and Solís's nerves started to fray like Hector's troops when Achilles lowered his guard. "11:02... the lights came back. Tick, tock. Let's see." An hour later, he concluded, "Regrettably, the forecasts were not met," once again plunged into darkness.

His colleague, Jesús Álvarez López, who doesn't care what CiberCuba says, also spoke out about the Mother's Day blackouts. "It's not worth talking about blackouts or light-ups because of the saying 'don't say anything unless it's more important than silence,'" he posted on his social media.

His phrase should serve as a reminder to Solís, to whom a follower left a comment (captured on Facebook by the user Edmundo Dantés Junior) quoting his own words from Mother's Day 2023: "In a year, things will either improve, or we'll end our system, and believe me, the cost will be high. I still have hope."

FAQs on Power Outages and the Union Eléctrica in Cuba

Given the recent events and criticisms surrounding the Union Eléctrica in Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions to provide more context and clarity on the situation.

What caused the power outages on Mother's Day in Cuba?

The power outages were due to issues within the national electro-energy system, overseen by the Union Eléctrica de Cuba (UNE). Specific details on the technical faults were not disclosed.

Who is José Miguel Solís?

José Miguel Solís is a veteran journalist at Radio Rebelde, known for his coverage of the Guiteras thermoelectric plant in Matanzas and other energy-related news in Cuba.

What was the reaction of other journalists to the power outages?

Another journalist, Jesús Álvarez López, also commented on the power outages, suggesting that it wasn't worth discussing them due to a popular saying about the importance of silence.

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